"Nah, she had to dip, apparently," Kalo answered for Scarlet, her being absent and all.

"She says she'll meet us at the school, I hope nothing fucky happens before then."

Kalo let out a sigh, allowing himself to relax as much as possible in the truck bed, he'd be stiff as a board once he got to the school.

"A, so I get that the point is to seem like we aren't a threat once we hit the school, but do we just walk in through the front door? I feel like our being tense would feign guilt, but then we have to be on edge so we aren't caught off-guard. Man, now you're making me worry."

Kalo growled slightly, frustration building within him at the complexity and gravity of his situation.

"Now I can see why Luke and Isack brought heat. If this goes south man, I'm going off, I don't even care anymore. I have so much energy in me, just waitin' to be let loose!"

Kalo let his head fall back, staring at the road behind them, his view upside-down due to the position of his head. He was getting more and more antsy with every passing moment, but he tried his best to contain himself. Adrian was going to freak if he thought all of his friends were going to go haywire the second they entered the school. Truth be told, though, Kalo wasn't sure how much choice he had in the matter. With all of the emotion and stress stirring within him, just about anything could set him off now.

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