School’s Freak

Scarlet was back in school to meet with the guys before their car arrived. For a few minutes she was torn between waiting for them and simply heading in alone.

After about a minute she ran out of patience and decided to just head in. It wasn’t as difficult as she though seeming she’d caught school at just the right time. Lunch.

The hallways were still crowded from the recent ringing bell, and Scarlet could head to her locker without many troubles at all.

As always when she opened her locker door, some nasty word was gaffited on the inside. Freak. It seemed whoever hated her was getting less and less creative by the week. But as always, Scarlet simply ignored the message and pulled out her lunch.

She wondered where her newly obtained friends sat. Perhaps she should have waited for them after all, only to figure out their seating arrangement.

Now that she had real friends... perhaps she wouldn’t have to sit alone anymore.

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