Friends/Demon fight

Luke looked at Isack," You should head to lunch and hang out with your friends, look you need them ok?" Isack was about to say something but Luke waved him off. Isack headed into the Cafeteria. He saw Scarlet, Adrian and Kalo sitting, so he walked to them and sat down. " Hey guys, how did Scarlet get here so fast?"
He looked at her confused.
Luke walked into Leric's Classroom, where the demon teacher was sitting in a chair in the middle of class. " Hello Luke, long time." Leric said. Luke sighed, "Sup old man." Leric laughed harshly, " So are you here to try and kill me?" Luke shook his head and grabbed a yardstick from the wall, " No, I not here to try and kill you, I'm here to kill you!" The fight then began.


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