Peter gulped despite himself and nodded and Eugerd, not wanting to piss the man off any more than he had already. He stepped away from the man and nodded at Kalo's greeting, displaying the peace sign at the cheery guy.

He thumbed the piece of paper in his pocket and made very sure no one saw him burn lettering into it from inside. He slipped it into Isack's pocket and disguised the action by clapping him and Titus on the shoulders.

Magic users don't last long around here, certain people like to see them get expelled or worse. I know an old lady that might be able to help you get yours under wraps if you need. Let me know. P.

"Ah, such drama and delectable controversy. Kalo and Isack are already rearing to fight. This may just be too much fanfiction talking but do i detect some sexual tension in the air? Remember what Crow said about not being naked in class, gents." He teased jokingly and waved over in the direction of the cafeteria.

"Anyone want to grab a bite? I detest American food but the alternative is starving to death. Lunch is on me if you blokes want. Except kirsy"

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