Peter grinned at Titus, not bothered by the sudden shift in time and space that caused them all to suddenly be in the cafeteria. That kinda of stuff happened a lot around here and it was only sometimes his fault.

"Can't say I've read that particular one Titus but I'm really into my RWBY and New Vegas fics, also Mass Effect and Warhammer. So, I'm gonna go make good on that free food promise.

Since we're in the centre for rich people privilege around here the cafeteria does really nice stuff if you can get over the fact that it was prepared by Disgusting, abhorrent, habitually inbred, Sheep People Americans. Milkshakes and chips sound alright? And no, i don't mean fries. I mean CHIPS!!!" He put on a monocle and a top hat he liked to keep on him and got right up in the face of the nearest person, which happened to be Scarlet

"And just to make the reality of the situation perfectly clear for all you colonial heathens, the French won the Revolution for you and if it weren't for them you would all be part of the empire, making me my tea. Harumph." He took the hat and monocle off.

"Okay, that's my British Imperialist rant done for the day. Be right back with food."

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