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Summary: Your life is an occasion; rise to it!

Theodosia Maximoff

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Gender: Female

Age: 21 (born 2012)

Group: Avenger

Hero Name

Lately she’s taken up the alter identity of Mistress of Magic, but in her ear, it feels forced and unnecessary as there are only her and Niko who use it. Alright, it’s mostly just Theo who uses it. For now, Mistress of Magic has replaced Switch, the nickname they used as children when her powers first began to show themselves.


Theodosia is the love child of recurring, laconic unions between Wanda Maximoff & Stephen Strange (aka Scarlet Witch & Doctor Strange).


Born in the city of Novi Grad, Sokovia three years before it was mic-dropped by Ultron and The Avengers, she and her cousin Niko were relocated to Berlin, New Hampshire (population 11,000) upon evacuation of their Sokovian home. Because nothing ever happens in New Hampshire. Her ancestry is Romani; colloquially known as Gypsies, a traditionally itinerant ethnic group living mostly in Europe and the Americas.


Her powers mimic many of those possessed by her mother and involve the ability to channel internal chaos magic, sometimes referred to as reality warping. Theodosia was trained in witchcraft by the ghost (or astral form) of Agatha Harkness who had previously trained Theo’s mother, the Scarlet Witch. This lends an additional similarity to the mother/daughter magic style, but as she’s matured and refined the gestures and focus needed she’s begun to display complimentary form and design similar to teachings mastered by her father, the once Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange. These two power bases, though both rooted in magic, are vastly different. The mystic magic of sorcery requires a refined focus, intricate geometric constructs and acute clarity of purpose. It does not come easily to Theodosia. The Chaos magic from her mother is more fluid and flows through Theo with ease, but often has imprecise results.

Theodosia’s powers manifest as various forms of telekinesis, energy manipulation & thought enthrallment.

- Create spheres of concussive force up to 5000 newtons
- Conduct streams of mystic energy to move objects remotely
- Protective shields or barriers
- Augmented Leaps and descent (similar to personal flight)
- Reality distorting illusions (neuro-electric interface is the basis for her telepathy.)
- Short circuit machinery (this is destructive, not skillful manipulation)

Physical Appearance

5’5″ 110 pounds, Hazel eyes, Auburn hair. She possesses the physical strength of a woman her age and build. Having a strong body is essential to their training and endurance needed for prolonged use of powers. Unlike her cousin who can pump out a hundred sets in the blink of an eye, Theo actually has to work at it and put in the time. She insists her flat stomach is unveiling shallow six-pack abs, but Niko claims not to see them. Something about her lean body suggests that she’d never be a large woman; not later in life and not even if she stopped the daily exercising and judo.


She is very close to her cousin Nikolai (Niko) and the bond they share is more kin to that of brother and sister. His protective nature has been a constant in her life and she’s come to depend upon it. There were tutors and bona fide caregivers to be sure, but it was their ghost nanny (Agatha Harkness), swaddling them in stories of the Maximoff twins’ feats, that fueled and galvanized the younger Maximoff cousins’ commitment to such an undertaking.

There were things Niko knew about his father that he kept to himself, not even sharing with his cousin. And there were things about Wanda Maximoff that Theo was discovering which she kept to herself. Theo began to suspect there was a less benign side to her mother; e.g. her beginnings as a villain, her transient sanity, her prominent role in catastrophic events. As in her mother’s case, the source of Theodosia’s magic is unclear; possibly cosmic in origin, but likely begot from the corrupted Elder God, Chthon. In some ways, this has strengthened Theo’s resolve to use her powers for the greater good, but it’s also stirred up a swelling shard of doubt that she may not be able to follow in her mother’s footsteps, or worse, that she will follow in each of her mother’s footsteps. Even those that led to tragedy.

Unfortunately, Theodosia suffers from the effects of Schizoaffective disorder Bipolar type with rare childhood onset, diagnosed when she was just seven years old, but symptoms began as young as four. Continuing efforts are made to keep her unaware of her condition and ongoing treatment - efforts that include hypnosis, memory manipulation and outright deception. She is also covertly medicated (Niko is a Speedster) with standard antipsychotics - Haloperidol, Fluphenazine and Risperidone. In the best of times it's unclear just how sane she is, but she mostly passes off her periods of lunacy as byproducts of her eccentric behavior, though some are convinced she’s touched in the head. Niko has noticed that it's become more pronounced as she's come of age and grown into her powers.


From a young age the Maximoff cousins have been training together and incorporating a complimentary fighting style. These preparations were begun at the insistence of Niko’s father prior to Pietro’s disappearance. They were too young to comprehend the significance or logistics of such a request, but that could not be helped. It’s been a long undertaking and everything to date has only been preparation for what’s soon to come.

Favorite Expression

"Fuckin' Churros!"

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Image of Theodosia Maximoff
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