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Summary: Did you see this coming?

Nikolai Krzysztof Maximoff

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Gender: Male

Age: 23

Group: Avenger

Hero Name

Bonneville (It's a terrible hero name)


Niko was born from the brief reconciliation of Pietro Maximoff to Crystalia Amaquelin. He never met the latter and Pietro never spoke of her. He knows nothing of his mother’s homeworld, the Kree or anything related.


US/Sokovian Dual Citizenship


Niko inherited his super speed from his father, which also gives him super fast reflexes. When accelerated, his matter appears to disperse, which is why things like raindrops and specs of dust don't cut through him at super speeds. In our verse, a bullet did NOT kill his father as he bravely saved Hawkeye and a small child, Pietro lived. Pietro did however disappear in the Poof Wanda later created. If Niko has any latent powers from his mother’s side he is not aware of them. (Crystal was an elementalist.) Though Niko can control some elements, these also could be equated to his primary power of super speed. For example, Niko can create fire (with friction due to his speed), generate powerful gusts of wind, vacuums or whirlpools using rapid arm/or circular movement.

Physical Appearance

6’0 170 lbs, Blue eyes, Silver hair, often gets told he's a spitting image of his father, only Niko prefers to be clean shaven.

Niko bleeds blue. He believes this is a variant of silver, and thinks that's why his father had the moniker "Quicksliver." In reality it's because he's half Kree

Niko works out, because it doesn’t take but a minute. He is strong, and prefers repetitions to heavier weights. He is proud of his six pack, and will show it off any chance he gets. Any chance at all.


Niko is impatient, which stems from living in a world that moves at a slower pace than he does. He's also loyal and overprotective. He was mischievous as a kid, which also stemmed from boredom. Though not a kleptomaniac per say, he has stolen in the past, "like Robin Hood," generally if it is something he knows Theo will like. He idolizes and is both loyal and obedient to his father, who was often off with the Avengers leaving Niko with his cousin and various caretakers. His father stressed that Niko’s main responsibility is in taking care of and watching out for his cousin, Theodosia, so much so that Niko let himself be left back a grade to be in the same classes as Theo.


Born in New York, Pietro whisked Niko days after his birth to Sokovia to be closer to his sister, Wanda after it was discovered that Crystal was once again unfaithful. Niko lived in Novi grad until age 6, when the whole city was evacuated. He was told to watch over his cousin, and Maria Hill temporarily watched over them, until they were relocated again, this time to Berlin, New Hampshire. The importance of protecting Theodosia was ingrained in Niko at a young age, impressed upon him by his father, who was fiercely protective over his sister Wanda, and saw her descend into a madness like state after the death of her other childern. Niko had several care-takers growing up, none of which he was particularly attached to.
He attended public school in Berlin, even after his powers manifested as for the most part he was able to keep them undetected. Once Theodosia’s powers became apparent, the pair were pulled from school instead attending a remote school program funded by Tony Stark. Niko and his cousin trained together from a young age and he takes his responsibility for her seriously, but he’s prone to good natured (in his mind) teasing.

Favorite Expression

You ever get stuck behind someone trying to use an ATM when they don’t know how to use an ATM? The entire world is me being stuck behind that person. (Stolen from his Dad)

"Didn't see that coming?" (stolen from his Dad)

Think fast.

Various movie quotes, most notably: Speed? I am Speed, I feel the need, the need for speed, and of course “I live my life a quarter mile at a time.”

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