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Summary: Following the footsteps of her hero.

Gwendolyn May Parker

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Gender: Female

Age: 15

Group: Avenger

Hero Name

Scarlet Spider


Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson-Parker




Genius-level intellect, superhuman strength, speed, durability, and agility. Ability to cling to most surfaces, Precognitive spider-sense and Bio-Organic web shooters.

Physical Appearance

5’5 100lbs.
Takes strongly after her mother with green eyes and red hair. She is tall, lean with an athletic build.


Gwen comes off as a shy introvert who spends too much time on her academics, lacking confidence in herself in her day to day life. In many ways her personality reflects more of her father than the outright confidence MJ had as a teen. She does not know when or how to intervene fearing being somehow outed as a mutant. Like her father she has a strong interest in various academic pursuits and photography. Gwen only feels like herself when she is in costume, totally free to be herself and able stretch her powers out.


Gwen was born shortly after the mass incident that took away the worlds heroes. She never knew her father was Spider man just that her father was a very talented photographer who died as one of the many casualties that occurred in the ensuing battle.
She was still a toddler when she started to manifest her powers. Needless to say MJ had her hands full trying to raise a super powered baby. As such it was drilled into her to have absolute control over her gifts and made to believe she was a mutant in a not so mutant friendly world.
Having no outlet proved too much and after many years of ironically idolizing Spider Man made her own costume posing at the Scarlet Spider, not that anyone would know. So far all she has become is an urban legend making a tremendous effort to stay out of the headlines giving it wouldn’t be a big leap for her mother to put two and two together.

Favorite Expression

Oh … how did he put it? I’m your friendly neighborhood … no I wasn’t going to say Spider-man but … thanks … totally stroked my ego there.

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Image of Gwendolyn May Parker
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