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Summary: A king does not rule over his people, but over himself.

T'Chantem Munroe

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Group: Avenger

Hero Name

Black Panther (eventually)


King T'Challa & Ororo Munroe (Storm)


Wakandan (birthplace), American, & Kenyan (through birth rights of his mother)


Similar to his mother, but to a much lesser degree, T'Chantem has developed the ability to psionically manipulate the weather and its elements. He is capable of calling on any form of natural precipitation, which includes rain, snow, sleet, and hail, and can summon wind, fog, and lightning. His weather manipulating abilities are either made easier or more tasking depending on his environment. While the already existing weather patterns can slightly help or hinder him, he is still fully capable of causing weather abnormalities such as snow in the middle of Summer, or a heatwave in the heart of Winter — at the cost of higher focus and more energy exertion.

Along with his natural mutant abilities, T'Chantem has also developed other useful skills and assets throughout his life. He is multilingual, and well-versed in the languages of Xhosa (isiXhosa), Swahili, Arabic, English, and Spanish, and is able to mimic regional accents and dialects of each.

Through his training in Wakanda, T'Chantem is also a formidable warrior, and is both athletic and stealthy to the point of comparison to an Olympic athlete and trained spy. He is able to recognize body patterns, which allows him to spot concealed weapons, predict an opponent's movements, and identify people acting under a guise, however he is not capable of doing this to everyone, as people vary in different backgrounds of training and skill levels. (While technically not impossible, he would have difficulty spotting out a spy trained by the Red Room or trained in techniques he is not familiar with).

Along with his athletic ability, T'Chantem is also trained by Wakanda's elite armed forces. While he may not be equal to someone who is a life-long master in their field, he is knowledgeable on the use of different weapons, technologies, and fighting styles/martial arts, and is able to pilot and operate most aircraft.

T'Chantem himself is also well-trained in the arts of speech and persuasion, but only to the extent that is needed for a diplomat, as he is already a prominent public figure to his country (and even a few others). His time in the limelight however has made espionage virtually useless, especially as he continues to move into a position to represent his country on a world-scale. As a diplomatic figure, T'Chantem has international travel forms always prepared, and is at times able to take advantage of diplomatic immunity.

While not technically a power or mutation, T'Chantem is also extremely intelligent, to the point that he is considered a super-genius. His intellect is confirmed by his ease in learning languages, combat, and his work with Wakandan advanced technologies, which are known to be the most advanced in the world. He is also adept in other scholarly areas and subjects, and even holds several official university certifications and honors in the areas of mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, and law from the most prestigious higher-education institutions in his home of Wakanda. Besides his intellect, T'Chantem is also exceedingly wealthy due to Wakanda's resources (including being the only in the world to house Vibranium) and financial independency, which allows him to operate business without finances being a primary concern or obstacle.

In being the crown prince of Wakanda, T'Chantem also has access to all of Wakanda's elite and military forces which includes: the Dora Milaje, the King's Guard, Wakanda's Border Tribe, and the espionage/assassin/war dog Hatut Zeraze force; he is also next in line to hold the mantle and suit of the Black Panther, which would gift him with enhanced physical attributes and access to various weapons and tools.

With the mantle of Black Panther, T'Chantem is specifically gifted naturally from the heart shaped herb with enhanced strength, enhanced speed, enhanced stamina, enhanced agility, enhanced durability, heightened instincts, heightened senses, heightened reflexes, night vision, and a minor healing factor which allows him to heal quicker than non-superpowered humans. The Black Panther suit itself comes imbued with a Wakandan supercomputer, wireless communication, and thermal vision eye pads. The suit is also crafted from a vibranium micro-weave mesh, which not only offers protection from penetration, but is also able to absorb kinetic energy for redistribution through shock-waves and energy blasts. The suit is garbed with ten hidden vibranium claws, padded vibranium alloy soles which allow for silent movement and the scaling of buildings, the ability to cloak/camouflage, and the ability to create purple energy daggers capable of destroying nerves, stunning opponents, and even killing them. The Black Panther suit is also neurologically bonded with T'Chantem, and able to appear and operate with mere thoughts, and is hidden in the teeth of a traditional-appearing Wakandan necklace.

Physical Appearance

As previously mentioned, T'Chantem is an athletic individual and his physique only proves such to be true. He is rather tall, standing at 6'2" and weighing roughly 189 lbs. His muscular and sculpted build can be accredited to intense and frequent specialized training, partnered with a carefully crafted and strictly obeyed diet. Like his father, his hair and eyes are charcoal brown, contrasting greatly from his mother's signature lineage of striking white hair and blue-colored eyes.

While T'Chantem does have well-defined muscle, he is very much still agile and supple in movement. His movements are similar to that of a panther, and he is capable of moving with great agility, flexibility, and stealth without any foreign enhancements, while still maintaining strength and force when desired or necessary. His muscle is spread strategically and equally across his body, allowing him to be light and well-balanced on his feet, yet still capable of delivering great power through his strikes and actions.

Clothing-wise, T'Chantem's style varies depending on the occasion, and he holds favor towards wearing more dark and stealthy colors, as well as appropriate attire that allows him ample movement. When on diplomatic missions, he dresses formally as expected, and when at home or away from the public eye, his dress is more relaxed, yet still immaculate. Despite the varying levels and types of styles T'Chantem may wear, a majority of his outfits have some sort of vibranium component to them, and he is almost always wearing a Kimoyo Bead bracelet and the Wakandan Royal Ring, which serve as homages to his culture, country, and family.


It wouldn't be a surprise to learn that as a diplomat, T'Chantem is well-spoken, charismatic, and persuasive. While these characteristics and skills aren't something that he intentionally utilizes in his personal and non-professional life, they are effortlessly exhibited when he is acting as a representative or leader of his country. Fully capable of obtaining and maintaining the room’s or a crowd’s attention, T'Chantem is also skilled at getting people to believe in his ideals, only made easier by his schooling, training, and eloquence as a professional speaker.

Cool and calm headed, despite his athletic skills, warrior upbringing, and combat training, T'Chantem is more of a plan first and act accordingly individual. As a leader of his country, he has learned that formulating a well-thought out plan can bring down even the most daunting of enemies, both in diplomacy and in combat. However, he has also learned that plans can be flexible, and that at times, no plan is the best plan.

Another distinctive characteristic of T'Chantem is his love and devotion to both his tribe and his country. Like his father, he is dedicated to protecting his nation and his people, and even though there has yet to be another Black Panther and king for the past fifteen years, T'Chantem is well-aware that most of the responsibility of such falls to him as proper heir and his parent's only child, even if he does currently serve as only one of five (six, counting the Jabari) tribal representatives.

With such a large devotion and loyalty to his country, there comes a natural desire for T'Chantem to protect what he is responsible for. His loyalty and wish to keep his country safe has, similar to a few of his ancestors, led him to hold a slightly isolationist mindset. While he is essentially not misanthropic when it comes to Wakanda, he does prefer his country in its entirety to stay away from foreign affairs. In his mind, most of Wakanda's technology is for Wakanda, Vibranium is for Wakanda, and soldiers in battle should only serve and protect based on what is best for Wakanda, and no blood of his nation's people should be spilled if it is not for the overall improvement of their country. Along with devotion to what is best for his nation, T'Chantem is also capable of being a killer for his people, however he does prefer forcing his enemies into submission rather than death.

While it can be hard for many to see past T'Chantem's warrior training, diplomat persona, and solemn exterior, those who are close to him know that he is much more complex than the responsibilities he holds. A firm believer in work-hard-play-hard, T'Chantem knows how to balance both his duties and his recreational time. When not serving his country, training, or studying, T'Chantem can be found commonly walking the streets of Wakanda and taking part in the various games, festivities, and traditions of his people.


Like his ancestral predecessors, T’Chantem’s birth was a country-wide, several day celebrated event. He was born as the first and rightful heir to the Wakandan throne, under the Black Panther, King T’Challa, and Ororo Munroe, who many worshiped as a heavenly Goddess, known more famously as the X-Men's Storm or to the Wakandan people as Queen Ororo Komo Wakandas, the Goddess of Winds and Weather.

Doted on as a child by both his family and his nation's people, T'Chantem grew up with large expectations, and even larger shoes to fill, especially after the sudden disappearance of his parents when he was only seven years old. Following "The Poof", Wakanda's government was temporarily reconstructed, with the five tribal leaders acting more as a body of ruling government rather than a royal advisory council. To handle international representation in place of their royal couple, the six tribes of Wakanda (including the independent Jabari Tribe) selected individuals to speak at international gatherings, and T'Chantem was set to be chosen by the Golden Tribe when he came of age.

Much of T'Chantem's life was already established before the disappearance of his parents. His father had begun teaching him of his family and kingdom's history ever since he was old enough to listen, and the best soldiers of Wakanda's military were already instructed to begin his training as a warrior and eventual succession to becoming the next Black Panther. However, despite his parents' best efforts, they weren't around when an eleven year old T'Chantem first developed his weather-manipulating x-gene.

At first, unlike his mother, T'Chantem was feared for his power by the Wakandan people, as his abilities greatly depended on the emotions of a stressed and depressed child. For days, parts of Wakanda were caught in flooding rain, heavy storms, and damaging winds, and T'Chantem was constantly left fatigued and even more distressed over the excessive and accidental use of his mutant abilities. It was eventually decided by T'Chantem's grandmother that he would require mental training and stability, and she, along with a few of her hand-picked companions, took on the role of teaching T'Chantem to control and maintain his lethal powers by focusing his mind, and working through his damaged and fragile emotions.

As a teen, it was rather easy for T'Chantem to make friends despite his busy schedule of school, studying, training, and extra lessons. There was virtually no one who lacked the desire to be the friend of the charming and handsome royal, and while T'Chantem did commonly speak to most people he met, he kept only a small circle of close friends outside of his immediate family and mentors.

By the time T'Chantem was eighteen and a legal adult in most parts of the world, not only was he widely known as a provider for the people of Wakanda, but he was also known as one of their most formidable warriors and brightest talents. He was already adept in several languages from studying abroad, multiple martial art skills from Wakanda's own seasoned warriors, and a man of country pride, prestige, and now diplomacy, as he was selected to represent the Golden Tribe of Wakanda alongside his country's other tribal representatives. His mutant abilities were finally fully under his control, and while he mostly taught himself how to utilize and not just control them, he mostly only manipulated the weather to benefit Wakanda's agriculture and needs.

Favorite Expression

To be a leader, you have to make people want to follow you, and no one wants to follow someone who doesn't know where he's going.

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