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Summary: What follows the thunder?

Erik Foster (Seggr Thorson)

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Gender: Male

Age: 18

Group: Avenger

Hero Name

None at the moment, likely Seggr


Thor Odinson and Jane Foster




Asgardian Physiology-Superhuman Strength, Speed, Durability, Reflexes, Coordination, Regenerative healing abilities, Resistance to most toxins and diseases of human-make, and longevity of life. Different physiology makes medical treatment by human doctors difficult.

Wielder of Thunderstrike: Uru metal durability, Limited flight and hovering (via swinging of the hammer), Enhancement of already present physical abilities, allows for high altitude breathing (not quite in space but can breathe fine at the edge of the atmosphere with the hammer), some lightening/sonic powers, changes appearance from umbrella to hammer.

Knowledge of Astrophysics and Medical care/procedure from Dr. Jane Foster. Shows strong indications of a fast-learning mind, capable of taking in and holding information well. Has shown a growing ability to read and speak old languages such as Norse, Latin, Greek, Germanic, and very rarely Asgardian (what little texts Jane still has). Will sometimes slip into all-tongue, though he has never remained in this state for extended periods of time and is most reliably triggered by stress or fatigue.

Very basic hand to hand combat training from instructional youtube videos and books.

Others maybe? He's not actively trying to expand his abilities at the moment

Physical Appearance

6'2" 180 lbs Asgardian build but more laborer's muscles than warrior's, long dirty blonde hair, bright blue eyes

"Like a pirate had a baby with an angel"-Drax the Destroyer


While Thor was loud, arrogant, and gregarious to a fault, Erik is much more reserved and humble. Never one to take credit for his own achievements and nearly always last to speak in a conversation, he is a far cry from his father. He knows how great the expectations that the world will have for the child of Thor Odinson will be, and has begrudgingly accepted that he will likely never hit that mark.

He is by no means a recluse, and those who do speak with him remark at his kind demeanor. He does not hate or look down on humanity but rather does everything in his power to be 'normal' member of society. He helps those he can, and has been taught many times by Jane that if he ever needs to use his powers it'll be to keep as many people safe as possible. His goals in life are to take care of his mom and to make the world a better place, though how he is going to accomplish the second part is unclear to him.

Although forbidden from playing sports socially, he has grown quite fond of basketball and many Olympic events and has not yet missed an NBA Finals game or Olympics.


Born in the glittering halls of Asgard, Erik, or as he was called among the Asgardians Siggr Thorson, was a controversial child. His mother, Jane Foster, by virtue of her being human was deemed unworthy to produce the heir of Thor Odinson, but the reputation that Thor had accumulated and the respect that Odin had for his son held most of the complaints far away from the new mother's ears. The family spent their early years between Asgard and Earth, but as Thor became more interested in searching for the Infinity Stones, Jane and the baby stayed more permanently in London where she continued her studies in astrophysics.

When the heroes of Asgard vanished, it became clear to Odin and most Asgardians that the heir of Asgard was now the half-human. Odin would not let the royal line of Asgard be tainted with Midgard blood. His response to the situation was anything but delicate, he sent an ultimatum to the grieving Jane; have the child renounce it's claim to the Asgardian Throne, or surrender the child to him to be raised as a full-blooded Asgardian. As his mother would later explain to him, "I told him to shove it where his rainbow bridge won't shine."

As a result of this confrontation Siggr, now named Erik Foster, went about a fairly normal life. Jane continued her research, and he attended elementary school. She raised him as her own little scientist, never once acknowledging his other half-ancestry that had rejected him. Erik, by all accounts, was the model normal child and remained perfectly ignorant of any differences between himself and other children.

Everything seemed to be going well for the young family until two pieces of news arrived all too closely together. First, Erik began showing signs of his father's abilities when a kindergarten game of tag ended with three children in the emergency room with broken ribs. Jane couldn't explain to the school or their parents but thanks to what few connections she still had in the diminishing structure of SHIELD they were able to clear the incident up and quietly moved the family to Tromso to "let the whole thing blow over". The second incident could not be covered up however. A routine mammogram revealed that Jane had developed breast cancer. Due to this circumstances, Jane felt it was best to put aside the bulk of her work and try her best to be a good mother for Erik. Only a years after being aided by SHIELD, Jane took her boy and moved to somewhere she thought she might be able to get some kind of peace, the sleepy town of Broxton, Oklahoma.

Erik's life from here would have been quite unremarkable had it not been for the continued development of his abilities and physique. A son of Asgard, even a half-son, does not grow like those of Earth. Jane took extra time to ensure that Erik understood that his powers were very different from others, and that in order for him to remain safe he would have to avoid using his abilities whenever possible. Instead of after-school sports, Erik would be brought straight home and have even more lessons from Jane. Rather than sleepovers and play-dates, there were lectures and home projects. The only time that Erik was free to use his abilities was in the remote farms, forests, and flats of the surrounding area. Erik had many questions about his origins, his abilities, why all of this was happening to them, but his reverence for his mother held his tongue.

While he initially was an oddity among his classmates, his reclusive schedule slowly allowed him to blend in; bullies lost interest on picking on the rapidly growing boy, and his brief social encounters often left people with more questions than answers. Despite his best efforts however there would still be a few incidents, football linebackers impacted into lockers, railings and hand bars mysteriously being crushed or pulled from concrete, large craters left in the flats or trees concaved at a single point but many of these were dismissed as oddities or natural occurrences.

As Jane's health deteriorated and Erik continued to grow, she felt an increased need to explain more to him. Lessons occurred less from the kitchen table and workshop and more from her bedroom and couch. Between explanations of the change in gravity within wormholes, she would tell him stories about the heroes of the past. On his 16th birthday, she finally brought out a small album book and showed Erik his father. She explained how they met, their adventures together, and how he had been exiled from Asgard as a baby.

Erik did not know how to process all the news at first. To not only have an explanation for his powers, but to have such a legacy over his head. He knew he had to keep his powers secret for now, but wasn't it also his duty to be like his father and be a hero?

With 2 more years under his belt, Erik has continued his lessons with his mother, successfully graduated from high school and has been slowly trying to gain more control over his power. Of little note are the increased appearances of a figure aiding those in need around the Oklahoma area.

Favorite Expression

"I've never even seen Pointbreak...."
"Hail and well m....sorry I don't know what came over me there."

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