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Summary: With great power comes great responsibility. With absolute power comes absolute responsibility.

Kristoff Vernard

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Group: Freelance

Hero Name



Father: Victor Von Doom (adopted)

Mother: Katarina Vernard (deceased)




Without Doom's Armor:
-Skilled martial artist
-Super genius level intellect. Kristoff has an incredibly high IQ, and eidetic memory.

With Doom's Armor:
-Control over electricity
-Super Strength
-Enhanced Speed
-Impervious to bullet and fall damage
-His sorcery is also enhanced, but not anything close to born sorcerers. He possesses telekinesis, telepathy and restricted teleportation. His magics are strenuous to him, as unlike his father he hasn't conditioned his body to bare the unnatural strain of sorcery. Overusage or extended usage can weaken him, cripple him... or even kill him.

Outside of his armor he's a brilliant scientist and well trained combatant, but easily stricken down by any enhanced opponents. Even in his armor, he possesses many vulnerabilities. Vibranium alloys, magic and even the raw strength of some enhanced can damage or even destroy his armor, as it is not an extension of his corporeal body like his father's was. His armor is self charging through the electricity he manipulates, somewhat like an alternator on a car. Though, much like his magic, should he over exert the armor's charge level it will drain and therefore quell his abilities until it can recharge (Takes at least 24 hours.) The armor doesn't protect against sorcery either, allowing him to be affected by all sorts of spells. The only defense he can offer against this is his own magic, which is virtually no defense at all.

His intelligence is as much of a curse as it is a gift. While his genius is natural, his eidetic memory was inherited by the augmentation, but his premature disconnect corrupted his mind and thus he's incapable of filtering out information. He's aware of everything happening around him at once, which can cause a severe mental breakdown if left unchecked. He constantly wears the armor's helmet to act as a barrier so he can control what information he receives. His father's essence also bears on him, manifesting as quiet voice inciting him to carry out Von Doom's legacy.

Physical Appearance

Height: 6'2" (Armored: 6'9")
Weight: 190lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Body Style: Athletic build


Kristoff is very much unlike his adoptive father. Despite the augmentation, Kristoff possesses his own moral compass and desires to good in the world. His mind has been scarred by the augmentation forced on him at a young age, and he battles daily with his father's impulses and idiosyncrasies. He longs to clear his name, and prove to the world that he's not his father. But the weight of Victor's essence is often times too much to bear.


Kristoff was taken by Doom as an heir apparent when he was 6 years old, given that he was a child prodigy and Victor wanted his heir to be just as superior as he believed himself to be. Kristoff never got much exposure to Victor, as he was always off somewhere attempting to take over the world. In the two years before his father's disappearance, he spent much of his time studying the sciences and magic, mostly detached from his father's cabinet as he never cared for politics, though most 8 year olds didn't. After the Exodus, Victor's doom bots, believing him to be dead, carried out a fail safe protocol to download Kristoff with Victor's knowledge and memories... which was traumatizing to say the least. Kristoff resisted the augmentation mentally, though not much could be done in a catatonic state. The download process was meant to take long enough for Kristoff's body to mature, so in this case roughly 10 years. Kristoff managed to overcome the augmentation and break free of the doom bots after only 4 years of programming. While he gained much of Victor's knowledge and memories, the rest was broken and corrupted, leaving heavy scars on his mind. After he escaped the augmentation chamber (A cylindrical container that he laid in for the duration of his programming), he acquired one of Victor's armored suits. He knew most of the functions given his download, and used the armor to destroy the doom bots chasing after him. He returned to the palace, only to discover that Latveria had been annexed by the surrounding countries and taken over. As heir to the throne, he was a threat to the annex and thus the parliament attempted to assassinate him, as they were previously unaware that he was still alive. Kristoff fled Latveria, using his suit to travel out of Europe completely. He flew to Puerto Rico, and remained in hiding for years. After seeing the the Avenger's progeny emerge, he saw this as an opportunity to right his father's wrongs. However, the Latverian parliament had publicly blamed Kristoff for the atrocities they committed when overtaking the country. Meaning... he had a lot of work to do.

Favorite Expression

"Genuine tragedies in the world are not conflicts between right and wrong. They are conflicts between two rights."

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Image of Kristoff Vernard
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