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Summary: The biggest flirt around.

Lucius LeBeau

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Gender: Male

Age: 19

Group: Freelance

Hero Name



Remy LeBeau (Gambit)
Kylina LeBeau (Maiden name: Monroe)




He can charge any item to explode after he throws it he is also skilled in Hand to Hand combat with a bow staff

Physical Appearance

He has a lean muscular build mostly athletic style he has a short hairstyle that is a Red Orange hair color and has Green Hazel eyes.


Very charismatic and outgoing and very flirtatious with women


Lucius LeBeau was born to Remy LeBeau and an American woman that he fell in love with named Kylina Monroe after they married and had their son Remy retired from Hero work and moved back to France with his family. Lucius grew up an only child and soon he began exhibiting powers like his fathers. After learning the basics on how to keep his mutation under control Remy received a message and decided to return to America with his son so Lucius could better learn control over his mutation. On the flight over the event happened and Lucius didn’t know what happened. He called his mother and she told him where her family was and called ahead. Lucius grew up looking for his father and trying to find out whatever he can about the event

Favorite Expression

Sacra blúr
Oh Sherrie

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