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Image of Robert Banner

Summary: Hulk Smash

Robert Banner

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Group: Avenger

Hero Name

Hulk Jr.


Betty Ross & Bruce Banner




Incredible superhuman strength, durability, and healing factor.
Becomes more powerful as anger increases.

Physical Appearance

As a human Robert looks very much like his dad. He stands about 5'7 he weighs around a 100 lbs soaking wet he has brown eyes with a little green in them he has short brown hair


Robert lile his father is a science genius he works. Also like Bruce Robert is kind of a wimp


After Bruce Banner dies Robert is in his lab and comes across a large machine. This Machine is what drained the gamma radiation off his father nullifying the hulk. After a quick maintenancing Robert had the machine running again. As he fires it up to see if it works his mother comes into the lab just into to see her son become the monster who destroyed her husband.

Favorite Expression

I am not my father, I am stronger than he is

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