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Summary: It's not easy being...well, you know...

Charlie Marko

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Gender: Male

Age: 19

Group: Freelance

Hero Name



Cain Marko (Juggernaut) and
Jennifer Walters (She Hulk)




Super Strength,
Exceptional Durability,
Rampant Charge,
Rapid Healing,
Juggernaut's helmet (repurposed into a shield)
Protection from mental attack (when behind the shield)

Physical Appearance

Charlie is a large young man (6'10" 500lbs) with a muscular build and a very youthful face. He inherited his mother's complexion and is green all over, making it impossible to hide that he's a mutant.


For all of his size and strength, Charlie is a sweet, awkward young man who never seems comfortable in his own skin. He is polite, slow to anger and avoids confrontation if at all possible. He's not at all up on the latest trends but instead is bookish and thoughtful.


Charlie was born of an ill-fated brief romance between Cain Marko and Jennifer Walters. Upon learning she was pregnant, Cain swore to go straight and take care of his newfound family. Jennifer have birth to a 13 and a half pound baby with green skin. As fate would have it, her blood transfusion and the years of Cain's contact with the gem of Cyttorak altered their genetic makeup, passing it on to their baby boy. The couple chose the name Charles after Cain's estranged half-brother, in part out of regret that they never mended their relationship. Unfortunately, within month of little Charlie coming into the world, Cain broke his promise leaving Jennifer to raise Charlie on her own. He had a happy childhood until one day when Charlie was four, Jennifer disappeared. Due to the chaos of all the support heroes and villains suddenly vanishing, the boy wasn't discovered for 3 days until SHIELD agents came to the house to check on them. They immediately took him in and tried to determine what to do with him. Given the boy's green appearance, there was concern that rising anti-mutant sentiment might make it impossible to house him with a regular family. SHIELD reached out to Muir Island in the hopes they could take the child. The team there agreed and Charlie was raised with a team of scientists as his only "family". There were some benefits, though. His education was top notch and it led to him being an avid reader of all manner of subjects. Life in the facility was, for the most part, quiet but there would be the occasional dangerous experiments. Those were his favorite days. He was also trained in how to better apply his powers when they began to manifest. When Charlie was 18, he decided to head back to the US to teach down his father's last whereabouts. He knew it was unlikely he would find Cain since he likely disappeared with the rest. He wasn't sure what he was looking for. Maybe some kind of closure but...something. When he got to his father's last known location, he didn't find answers, but he did find his father's helmet. Not the entire suit, just the helmet. There were marks at the edges from where it looked like it might have been pried off. Did the superpowered simply vanish or...were they taken by force? Interestingly, the helmet, having been bound to the Juggernaut and the Gem of Cyttorak for so long, the helmet became imbued with the gem's power, making it nearly impervious to damage and maintaining the ability to block mental attacks. Charlie was not particularly fond of the oversized helmet look instead opting to fashion it into a shield. He was planning to return to Muir Island when he received a message asking if he would meet to discuss a new "Avengers Initiative". Curious as to what might come of it, Charlie made his way to the address provided.

Favorite Expression

Please don't sing that Kermit song...

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