OOC - The List of Playable Characters

As on the Game Information Page, the Maximoff Cousins and their new 'friend'... okay, friend Scarlet Spider have a list of heroes Theodosia is looking to recruit. The list, with the exception of one, does not include names or ages of the children, in the majority of cases this is up to the player to decide. So without further adieu, we present... The List. *This is where post production will edit in a Beam of majestic light filtering down from the sky to illuminate the physical list, which despite it's rather short length, is depicted as a two-thousand page tome of indescribable age.*

Names in bold are heroes lost in the Exodus Event. Please note that Powers and Limitations are suggestions, if you have other ideas please feel free to submit them, but overpowered characters will be nerfed.
Tony Stark and Pepper Potts
Child Age: 15 - 25
Powers: Heightened intelligence and ability to understand complex machinery almost intuitively. Access to funding and research, Access and means to build a super suit akin to those used by Iron Man
Limitations: Funding is not unlimited; Pepper Potts still controls the fortune and does not want the same life for her child as was adopted by Tony Stark

Lola Volkov - (Note : this name was given to the child by the Russian Government.)
Child Age: 17-18
NOTE: This is currently our only ‘exception’ character. Lola is an orphan- her parents had no enhancements.
Powers: Lola is about to age out of the Red Room training program which has officially ‘shut down.’ Unofficially, it still churns out spies to be used in China and in the west. Why Lola? The Black Widow Serum was administered to 28 orphans; only one survived. It’s thought that Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier somehow altered the formulation. As of yet, they have not been able to reverse engineer the process. Like all Widow’s, Lola was believed to be trained in ballet as a cover for the true training, which includes espionage and the art of seduction. The serum has given Lola heightened reflexes and more durability/endurance than your average human.
Limitations: Even though enhanced, Lola is still human, she is not invulnerable, she will get tired. Since the Black Widow serum was altered, she does not have the same level of agility and durability as the original. It’s thought that there may be a word or series of words which will trigger a hypnotic state.
(SIDE NOTE: Our team will be sent to the Ukraine to break her out.)

Android character- Advanced AI which has taken on human characteristics.
Age: Chronologically, a few years
Powers: Flight, access to computer systems and the ability to hack/override. Made of a metal alloy so he is durable but not invincible, as he can be short-circuited or possibly overridden. As the android doesn’t need air, he can also travel underwater for extended periods of time. (This is open to suggestions. If you would like to play a Vision-like character, that is fine, but the Event took with it all of the Infinity Stones, so this would not be an off-shoot or 'child' of Vision. )
Limitations: It doesn’t have an unlimited power source, it will need repair and recharging. It’s also vulnerable to any viruses/malfunctions which may besiege AI. It can be short-circuited or possibly overridden.[/size]

Robert/David/Bruce Banner and Betty Ross
Age: 15-25
Powers: Gamma radiation was passed from Bruce’s chromosome to his child, who is also half human. Much like their father, when high levels of adrenaline are released into the bloodstream due to an outside stimulus, the offspring will, in fact, Hulk out. This makes them virtually invulnerable when in this form.
Limitations: Though virtually indestructible while ‘hulked out’, the same curse which plagues the kid’s father plagues them - they black out when turning into the rage monster. The creature is driven by instincts. The teen wouldn't be as large/powerful as CGI Hulk. At best, it would be like Lou Ferrigno Hulk. And you can’t wear skinny jeans, ever.

Sanctum Steward/Handmaid(NPC)
From the family of Wong, we're looking for a male. We've named him Bob Dylan Wang Wong or BD "Birdy" Wong.


Established Characters: - while you could choose to play the offspring of the below, please keep in mind that the following do have children currently. If you wanted to make up a child of the following, you will have older siblings. We didn’t establish powers or limitations to the following, Please do so in your Character Information Sheet when applying to the game.

Scott Lang & Hope Pym
Note: As per MCU they have one child
Cassie Lang - Daughter (Via Maggie Lang)
Age: 26

Hawkeye (Clint Barton) & Mockingbird (Laura Barton)
Note: As per MCU they have three kids.
(From eldest to youngest)
Cooper Barton - Son (26)
Lila Barton - Daughter (22)
Nathaniel Pietro Barton - Son (16)

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