So a Cat and a Spider Met in a Lab....(T'Chantem & Gwen)

Gwen watched the others depart leaving her with T’Chantem. “So I guess it’s just us. Here I thought there might have been a pep talk involved. Go team!” Gwen joked rocking on her heels. “Maybe the bots can help repair the place,” She mumbled thoughtfully.

“You’re the guy from the ally aren't you.” The spiderling sighed. The very same she bathed in sticky spider webs. Gwen had been honestly avoiding the subject but it was kind of hard now with them being paired off by default.

T'Chantem looked around the ground level of the facility once again in an attempt to see through the wreckage, and begin their search of the area. "Yes, I am, and you're the little spiderling who flipped in and out over walls and rooftops. I appreciate your assistance, Gwen. Now, help me navigate through whatever is left of the ground floor. Could you show me a map?" he responded.

“Sure …” Gwen said bringing up the file on her phone. “ … um … you want the phone or should I just … text it you?” She doubted that her dinky phone held a candle to his Wakandan tech. All the same, she held out her phone for him to look at.

T'Chantem appreciated Gwen's compliance and efficiency in bringing up a map for them to view, even if it was only on the screen of her smartphone. "Don't fret, your phone will more than suffice," T'Chantem kindly responded. He slightly bent over to get a closer view of her cellular device, and despite the fact that Gwen had willingly offered it to him, he was still careful not to touch it; it was her private property, and he didn't feel comfortable having the teenager's device, mostly in fear that it might make her uncomfortable if she wasn't able to monitor what he was doing. "Shall we start with the laboratory on this floor? I'm interested to see what kind of technology the Avenger's were working with when they were active," he suggested after studying the various corridors and rooms, and before regaining appropriate standing posture once more.

“You and me both!” Gwen said in a bright tone. “I mean most of it is going to be stark tech?” She paused a moment. “You think they know we are here? In the compound?”

"Stark was the engineer of the team and principal scientist it seems," T'Chantem responded before walking towards the direction of the laboratory, the quickest path etched temporarily to his memory. "Who do you mean by 'they'? I don't believe that anyone other than ourselves are aware that we are here, currently. However, I also don't know what or who else could possibly be here or monitoring our actions from afar," T'Chantem asked. He then rounded the corner into a lengthy corridor, where bullet holes and battle markings scarred the walls. Renovations, renovations, he mentally hummed to himself.

“The people at Stark Industry.” Gwen clarified following T’Chantem. “I working off my phone at the moment so it’s not like I can tell if some sophisticated silent alarm is going off somewhere … that some poor dope is looking at a blinking red light wondering what that is … or if some protocol just got activated and something horrible is coming in the next 24 hours … I don’t know … I can keep going the next 24 hours is going to be a nailbiter!” The girl explained casually.

"I wouldn't expect you to be able to do any of that without the proper resources. Considering you've already cleared initial security and we are properly registered into the system, if Stark Industries is aware of our presence, it wouldn't take their level of genius to determine who we are," T'Chantem explained. He was walking briskly in an attempt to arrive at the laboratory in minimum time, and when the pair finally reached the door, he voice commanded the door to open. "Open," was all he spoke, and the door obeyed as the white wall split in two and divided to reveal the Avenger's Lab.

While one might have expected half built or amazing tech in a layer of dust or even under white sheets to pull off to reveal them like it was a magic trick. Instead, everything was crated with numbers stamped to their sides and all the equipment pack neatly on the shelves. The lab had become more of a storage facility.

“I’m not going to lie. I had kinda built this up bigger in my head.” Gwen admitted. “Still a lot dust here.” She said drawing a smiley face on a table. “Oooh please tell me there is manifest or something …” because teens LOVED taking inventory!
T'Chantem's eyes scanned the remains of the laboratory, his brain instantaneously taking in every detail he could manage to discern. Admittedly, he had expected something less insipid as well, but it was no surprise that a dusty closet was all they were initially met with; a dusty storage closet that could easily be restored into one of the most advanced labs in the United States, nonetheless. "It is rather lackluster compared to expectations, but it's been well over a decade. I'm sure the old Avengers left something of interest and relative use behind, this is where a majority of their non-combative operations while on duty took place," T'Chantem responded. He then crossed the room, observing the crates in a closer proximity. "Let's get started, shall we?" he rhetorically asked, looking over to Gwen. He pulled one of the crates out from on top of the others, and pried it open.

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