So a Cat and a Spider Met in a Lab....II (T'Chantem & Gwen)

The crate creaked and groaned but without a tool, it was near impossible, T’Cham didn’t have super strength and using his vibranium spear might damage whatever was inside. So Gwen pitched in to help pry it open. Inside stack to the bring where just … parts. Doodads and what looked like miscellaneous pieces no one knew what to do with so they just stuff it into one box. Like a junk drawer.

“I know what you’re thinking T’Chantem … but it’s not as bad as … OH LOOK AT THAT!! My days of dumpster diving are OOOOVVERRRR.” Gwen bounced pick up a handful of things. “This is NOT a junk drawer item! Did they even KNOW what there were packing I feel like they didn’t … and this … is a tool why is this here! Was there no organization!” Gwen said shaking her head. “Micro tooooools!” She said fishing out a small thin square. “Dibs … I can spend all day looking through this! I wonder if there are some auto lock picks in there … that would be the sprinkles on my Avenger sundae…” Gwen paused blinked and cleared her throat.

“I meeeeeaaaaaann ... “ There was a long pause. “... I got nothing … I totally geeked out. Sorry.” She said in a sheepish tone.

T'Chantem continued to look around the laboratory, imagining how the space once appeared in its former glory, and how he could improve it for its future. Since the majority of useful objects were apparently hopelessly sealed away, the laboratory had became significantly less interesting, and he had no intention in picking through the various crates that seemingly held most valuable goods. "No need to apologize for personal excitement," T'Chantem responded. He was uninterested in Gwen's claim of the various items she had found. If she could make use of it, there was no reason to argue over who claimed it.

He was careful not to get happy-handed, and cautiously avoided swimming through the layer of dust that had settled over the years. Instead, his eyes glanced over the equipment that lined the various shelves, all which were neatly positioned and organized. Most of the gadgets and instruments he was able to immediately recognize, while others had almost become foreign due to being vastly out-dated to what he was accustomed to seeing and working with. "Thankfully everything appears to have been relatively untouched and undamaged over the years," T'Chantem commented. He continued to walk around, searching for nothing in particular, other than something that might catch his eye. “Can’t you envision it? The heroes of yesterday toiling incessantly to create the next masterpiece of their time? Working with the highest degree of technology accessible to them? It’s admirable, I believe, and definitely poetic that we’ve started here given the circumstance of their disappearance,” he eulogized.

Gwen paused for a moment looking around trying to envision it. “Not really.” She admitted. “Not to sound cold about it but it was hardly yesterday, you got to have time with your parents. I know mine from pictures my mom kept. It is about as easy to imagine as Washington crossing the Delaware River. It’s nothing but history to me.” The young Spiderling said digging into another box.

“I’m sure is easier for you … in some small way you got to meet them. See them as people ya know?” She said packing peanuts sticking to the top of her mask.

"It was simply a figure of speech, the fifteenth anniversary was over a week ago. It has little to do with knowing them personally, history is not impossible to imagine. It's history to all of us," T'Chantem responded. He had lost both of his parents to the catastrophic event, but it didn't make it any more difficult to assume how their line of work operated years ago, and it most definitely didn't mean that he needed a lesson or declaration of privilege for forming what little familial bond with his parents before it was ripped away. He decided to drop the subject, and subsequently purposefully failed to respond to Gwen's follow-up question. He then made the decision that his search through the laboratory was over, before something caught his eye. Pinned neatly to the wall, and hidden behind several technological tools and pieces of miscellaneous apparatus were blueprints detailing possible enhancements to a Bastet inspired suit. The design was obviously in its early stages of development, and more than likely were only ideas T'Chantem's father had at one time considered. The writing that further detailed the less obvious specifics of the suit were written in Xhosa, which meant that T'Challa had intended to work on the suit alone.

Carefully moving the objects out of his way, T'Chantem peeled the blueprint from its surface, which then revealed a black key-card attached to the paper's back. The writing engraved into the card was in Xhosa as well, more specifically in still pristine and gleaming golden letters. T'Chantem then folded the paper around the card, before slipping it into his pocket, and heading towards the door. "I'm going to continue traversing through the ground floor," he called out to Gwen.

“You want me to come with you? Never know what you might run into?” Gwen asked halfway into another box. “Why would they have an empty box.” The girl mumbled swishing around the packing stuff to make sure she didn’t miss anything. She was really hoping the found a manifest somewhere … just in case stuff WAS missing it would be the kind of thing that came back to bite them later.

“"There is no need to simply join me out of worry, I would not want to prevent you from enjoying yourself," T'Chantem responded as he genetically opened the door. This time he pressed the tip of his pointer finger against a small pad, and a soft electronic sound of confirmation followed before the wall separated between a small space. "However, assuming you aren't able to leave on your own, perhaps it'd be best if you joined me," he suggested.

“That’s probably a good idea.” Gwen said trotting over to T’Chantem. “Wonder what other cool stuff this place is hiding!” The girl said bouncing a a bit.

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