Theo's leftovers pt.1

“Theo please...Theo No!” Erik called out but it was too late. With both his companion and a concerning amount of firepower now missing,he had been left alone between storage shelves in the basement of a secret facility. Well that went about as well as it could, he thought in his head. He smacked his palm into his head and pulled down his face, not even one full day into this whole team thing and he had completely alienated a teammate. At this rate he’d be prom king for sure.

He paced up and down the aisle as he continued to berate himself internally. This is what happens when you try to talk to people, you actually try using your big dumb words and they just get people angry or annoyed. Better to just keep your mouth shut, stay quiet, and hope that everyone just forgot you were there. Why couldn’t he have been anyone else’s son? Mom just had to go and fall in love with a thunder god instead of some kind of professor or accountant, hell maybe even an insurance agent. There was a thought; Siggr, Son of Jake from Statefarm. He couldn’t help but smile at the thought, and the brief levity brought his mind back to the situation. He looked around with fresh eyes and could only see a few more weapon and ammo crates. He let out an exhale and tried to think what the hell he was supposed to do next.

He figured the best move would be to look over everything else that was sitting around down here before he rejoined with the group and hoped he could explain what had happened. Hopefully Theo would actually be there as well otherwise he would be in even more trouble. Shit he should probably figure that out. "Theo!" He stuck his head around the corner of the aisle, "Theo you still down here! Theo I'm sorry!"

The electronically maternal voice of H.E.L.E.N. interrupted him, "Theodosia is no longer on this level of the facility". Erik looked back to the now lit up wall, “Is she uhh..still around?” "It appears that Theodosia is no longer on the grounds of this facility. I am unable to track her at her current location."

Erik approached the wall, still wary of anything mechanical in the facility, "shit...alright so she's gone then?" "That is correct.""shit....and is everyone else still here?" There was a brief pause, "I take your question is if the other members of your group are still on the grounds? Because you are on your own on this floor. The others have all remained in or returned to this facility and appear to be congregating soon based on current path projections."

His hands crossed one another across his chest, "....shit….I hope Niko won't be pissed at me-" "My projections of the familial bond between the previous Maximoffs and the current information on file indicates that there will likely be some aggravation." "......well shit…I guess I deserve that though... better get on the elevator then right?" The walls spectrum of light condensed into a single red orb for a moment, "I'm sorry but I can't let you do that.

"I'm sorry? You're not going to start singing…" but as soon as it had formed the orb dispersed back it's spectrum across the wall, "No I'm not but the elevator emergency switch was pulled, meaning the tensile strength of the fibers needs to be reestablished. There are other methods of leaving this area however. If you proceed down this hallway you'll be able to enter the launching bay, where you can raise a platform back to ground level." If he didn't know better, he might have thought H.E.L.E.N. sounded quite pleased with having an edge over him, but he wasn't in the right mindset to critique AI interphases. He watched as the series of lights created a blinking trail down the wall away from the elevator. " that's..that's a lot easier than my next plan. I don't suppose you know where some useful stuff is. Maybe an earpiece to call people?" "Ear pieces and other general communication surplus can be found on this aisle." and without any fuss another light stood illuminated two rows down from where he stood.

"Why didn't you tell us you could do this before?" Erik asked, "Why didn't you ask? H.E.L.E.N. replied back. As he stepped into the isle and grabbed a crate with a variety of earpieces marked in the manifest he muttered, " know what you got me there magic talking wall."

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