Theo's Leftover's pt2

As he reached the end of he hallway he saw the wall begin to shunt up slightly and then slowly raise to reveal a large circular room. As the lights came on it revealed something of a machine graveyard. Parts of what looked like helicopter blades and engines were scattered on gurneys and workbenches with a few halves and quarters of what looked like quinnjets in various stages of repair or disassembly.

"This is it then? This is the way out?" He readjusted the box of electronic on his shoulder as he cautiously stepped around some tools, careful not to move anything out of place. H.E.L.E.N.'s voice was a bit more distant as it filled the larger chamber, "That is correct, this is a staging area for transportational modifications and experimental designs and will allow you access to the ground level." Erik mentally paused on the word experimental but pushed it from his head as he saw a larger structure under a tarp. “Alright, then just lift us up and we’ll be on our way.”

"I’m afraid that’s not possible. A foreign object has caused damage to engines and parts necessary to raise the platform. It appears to have been on some trajectory from storage areas to the upper levels.” Erik looked down to the mace in his hands with a guilty glance, “That is….shit that’s…..shit really?” He exhaled sharply, what else could he expect at this point but more of his ‘gifts’ to cause him grief.

"Well how am I going to get up? I can’t exactly climb this.” "Given that I have been unable thus far to archive your DNA to match any current records I am unaware of your current abilities and skills. As such I would recommend the next most expedient solution to your elevational issue. In the center is a mostly complete quinjet prototype-” “And what I’m supposed to use that? How do you know it even works?” Erik wasn’t usually one to argue with computers but today seemed to be a particular exception to most of his typical rules. He didn’t have enough reason to actually doubt H.E.L.E.N. so he grabbed hold of the tarp and pulled back to reveal the jet. It appeared similar to the others, but the engines had been reworked and appeared more akin to Arc-Reactors than engines or propellers. Several plates and components were clearly missing or in a state of disrepair, but it looked far more complete than any other craft that surrounded him.

"The risks are minimal given the previous testing logs of the craft." Erik placed one foot into the ship through an open side piece and heard the entire section creak. Oh he was certain this would go well, but that’s what happens when you trust an AI without question, you end up trying to use a busted up prototype to blow yourself out of an abandoned R&D lab. He pulled the comms crate aboard and strapped then down to the co-pilot seat along with his mace. Giving a pat to the box and a suspicious glance at the weapon he looked over the various controls, switches and dials and levers all splayed out in a confusing arrangement as Erik closely examined each one. He hovered for a minute before finding a promising looking hand pad. He placed his palm fully on it and the craft jumped to life, lights flickering on and the soft sound of energy pulsing slowly faded into near nothingness. Once more the voice of H.E.L.E.N. made its way into the cockpit, “I have two quick updates for you, the first being that Theodosia has just been registered as present on the ground floor of the facility.” Erik sat down at the controls and shook his heads a silent “shit” escaped his lips one more time, “No time to lose then, at least if I blow up it will only be the third stupidest thing I’ve done today.”

Carefully he pulled up the control sticks, making sure not to hit any of the various buttons or triggers within his reach. There was a moment delay with no movement so he pulled up a bit more as H.E.L.E.N. came is again, “The second update is that the control are a bit-” but with a sudden burst of energy Erik was rocketed up into the sky. Pushed down into his chair he gripped the controls and tried to brace as he saw the roof of the tunnel fastly approaching. The object cleared straight through the floor and then the roof of the hangar. As he saw the green of trees and the quickly growing blueness of the sky he forced the controls back down to a neutral position. The quinjet sputtered as red lights began to appear and disappear quickly before the entire craft began to spin and fall.

The descent was surprisingly quiet, likely due to the quinjet’s design as it careened toward the front yard of the facility. Inside Erik gave a cry of panic as the world spinned around him. With a sudden halt to the spinning Erik was nearly thrown out the front window of the cockpit had it not been for his seatbelt. The quinjet skipped twice on the lawn before creating a small crater near the lake and coming to a complete halt. As the momentum ended, the world readjusted itself before Erik. It seemed for the moment that this had been the first of what he was sure would be a series of happy landings.

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