Maybe Killing More People is the Answer!

She was struggling against the red jacket, not wanting to keep it on. Every time she slipped an arm out, Niko had the other one back in. "Don’t make me wear it, Niko! The red hurts my ears and Wanda’s stuff only fits when I’ve been bulking up. It hurts, Niko, stop!” When her cousin finally relented she sat down on the floor and traced her finger along the tile.

“You can't have saved him, Niko. I turned Anthony Merced into dust and he just blew to the side of the curb. The street sweeper uses Santa’s sleigh to clean all the streets in New York each night when we go to sleep and he’s just going to brush him and suck him like he’s garbage.” Theo shrugged her shoulders to dislodge the red jacket Niko had wrapped around her.

“I tried so hard to make us a team and the very first hero that approaches me I murder. I should have known I couldn’t pull this off. Even my boobs aren’t enough to fill her shoes. I do need to measure them again for my almanac. Bob the janitor asked me to maintain detailed records. As if he can't just see for himself whenever he wants." Theo wiped her nose on the back of her hand and reached over to drag the crate to her. "This is what Anthony Merced was wearing when I.... when he died. Look Niko! There's still some dust inside the helmet. If we can track down the real location of the real Pet Cemetery I think I can bring him back to life. What could go wrong? Quick, assemble the team and we'll leave at once. Don't tell H.E.L.E.N. or she'll tell the computer. Ghost Spider Girl! Are you allowed to leave New York?"

Theo turned and gave Niko a big nude hug. "I was worried that I'd killed him, but now I see it's not important. We can kill whoever we want as long as we bring them back. Let's find a map of Maine."

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