Rounding Corners

Niko looked at the dusty mask his cousin was holding and nodded, assuming it was something she’d found in the armory, like Sammy found the Cap’s shield. “I am sure we can find the Pet Cemetery outside Castle Rock, right after your nap.” Being fast had its advantages; Theo would feel the slightest prick of a needle on her left butt cheek as Niko administered the sedative he’d put in the cargo pocket of his pants before leaving the Sanctum. This wasn’t his first rodeo and the minute Theo started talking as his Aunt Wanda that morning, he knew to be prepared for… well … anything. He’d have to get in touch with Doctor Lollis, though. Hopefully there would be somewhere in New York Dr. Lollis could recommend, otherwise he’d be driving the Jeep up to New Hampshire for a visit.

Niko examined the ceiling until he felt his cousin go slack so he wouldn’t have to see the accusatory look of betrayal in her eyes. It was the kindest thing he could do for her until the episode passed.

He cradle carried her to one of the lesser busted up couches and tucked her into her coat, leaving her other clothes beside her in case she woke up back in her right mind in the next 4-6 hours. He knew nothing good would come from using too much magic, sling rings and robot fights, and who knows what happened with Thorson after the whole… mind fuck thing. Speaking of Thorson, where the hell was he?

As if on cue, something big and awful sounding created a clatter in the front of the facility. Growing up with Theo had taught the speedster how to easily traverse one crisis to the next. More murderbots? Bring ‘em on.

No murderbots, just a jet which must have fallen out of the sky, because really, things aren’t meant to not be ground vehicles. It was half stuck in the ground, a light trail of black smoke rising from the back.

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