Licking Our Wounds Together - Part 1

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“Erik Foster-Thorson has crash landed a Quinjet.” H.E.L.E.N. said helpfully. Niko rubbed his temples for a split second. He’d have to call Dr. Lollis for Theo, but she’d likely be out for a few hours and Foster-Thorson might need help. Plus, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to use someone’s first and middle names. Bouncing twice on his toes, he let out a deep breath and headed to the site of the Quinjet crash.

The engines still gave a soft wurr as Niko came to a halt and Erik clumsily stepped out of the jet. He coughed for a second and then pulled a crate from behind him. Moving a few feet from the crash Erik fell back onto his butt and placed the crate beside him, letting out one single big exhale as he surveyed the plane, “...shit….”.

Seeing that Foster-Thorson was relatively okay, Niko scrunched up his face, surveying the damage. “I’m not one to judge, but… why?” He pointed to the Jet.

Erik looked over to the voice, half expecting it to be a disembodied voice like H.E.L.E.N. but was pleasantly surprised to find a corporeal form to this conversation. Looking back to the wreck brought him back to a sobering mood, "Hey Niko….yeah that's...I mean…." He waved a hand toward the jet, "I'm sorry, it was just my only way up."

“No, no, I hear you.” NIko agreed, “Stairs can be confusing. Theo and I had a dog once who was afraid of stairs. His name was Casper, after the actor in Starship Troopers.”

"No, no, that's not… there was an AI and …”

“I’m sure it’s an interesting story, and I’m very glad you are okay, but Theo wasn’t feeling well, and I’d like to get back to her.” *Streak *Flash *Gone

"Oh okay..I'll just," but the speedy Maximoff had already taken off back to the house. Under his breath Erik remarked, "Hey Niko, your cousins not taking her meds and that's really dangerous to everyone around her. Also I think she hates me now, but that's kinda secondary at this point…" He groaned and grabbed ahold of the crate, heading toward the main hall. He stopped for a moment and felt as though he had forgotten something before a clang of metal and a sudden rush of wind hurried the mace toward his head. The jet slumped one final time as Erik barely managed to grab ahold of the weapon.


The leather cushion was wet with her drool as was Theo’s right cheek. “Oh my head,” she muttered as her eyes fluttered open and she brought a hand to her brow. She swung her legs off the couch to plant her feet on the floor, feeling stiff and banged up all over. “Why is it so cold in here?” she asked, swiping an errant mass of her own hair from her mouth. Theo looked down and saw she was nude. Again. Her jacket had fallen to the floor among the dust and debris resulting from their triumphant, yet collaterally expensive entrée. “Oh, well that makes sense.” She gingerly pressed a finger against one of the darker bruises along her ribs and sighed. No broken ribs there, just a nasty bump.

“It was just Foster-Throson, he stole a jet because apparently he’s afraid of stairs. He’s okay. I don’t know much about jets, but I would say it is… less than okay.” He told anyone who’d listen.

Theo grabbed her red leather jacket from the floor and stood up to survey the damage all around. She remembered the fighting and afterwards exploring the downstairs with Thorson and some sort of difference of opinion followed by a confusing visit to the city, but each of the events grew more disorganized leading up to an empty sleep. Now that she was out of her mother’s red uniform and her bruised body was starting to ache, the idea of choking herself back into those leather pants was out of the question. And the jacket should be long enough for some modesty. She slipped her arms through the sleeves and clasped together a few of the well placed fastenings. Theo opted to put the boots back on, but that was only because of the broken glass and sharp debris scattered about the floor.

“Niko, I think you should gather everyone so we can question them. Someone here thought it would be funny to strip me naked during my nap. And why would you let me sleep at a time like this. I’m always so groggy and confused when you let me sleep during the day.”

“Miskja, that was -- you. You might have been sleepwalking, or something like that, and it would have been dangerous to wake you up, unless you think television lied to us about that.” He quirked an eyebrow for emphasis, and Theo was quick to shake her head no. TV was taken pretty seriously in the Maximoff house. "You know what? I think Sam found two fancy new uniforms upstairs, let me go get you one. You’ll like it, they’re very heroic, and probably hard to get out of.” He zipped up the stairs before she could respond.

"I hope it's red," Theo said to the empty room. She'd learned long ago just to talk like normal even when Niko was gone because he would always be right back. Usually before she even finished her sentence. Occasionally it took him longer than planned or he hadn't planned to return at all and she was left talking to herself which was no problem for her, but it tended to alarm onlookers. Fortunately, Theo wasn't crazy so there was nothing to worry about. As she frequently reminded complete strangers.

"If it's white everyone will think I'm virginal and then I'll never get any bedroom time with Thorson. Except I feel like I'm supposed to be upset with him. What was it he said that … I know! I'll ask that magic wall to replay the recordings from the microscopes down there. H.E.L.E.N. of Ploy," Theo called out to the ceiling. "Theodosia here. I require you to reveal the contents of my conversation with Thorson when we were exploring our new downstairs. I know you were listening so don't even try to deny it."

A nervous voice came from the hallway, "Uhh maybe don't do that." Erik walked into the room sheepishly and placed the crate he was carrying down on the ground with care. "I'm here so uhh...that's... not necessary…" He didn't know why Theo would want to revisit that, but all he knew was that it'd probably be better to hear it from him than the AI.

"Hi Thorson!" Theo briefly forgot about what it was she was trying to remember and greeted him enthusiastically, waving her arms above her head to grab his attention, as if it were necessary. Unfortunately the job of covering her lady parts was never intended to fall under the jacket's jurisdiction alone. It could not provide complete propriety while she was making all these gestures. So it rode up with the rise of her shoulders and things got breezy down there. Again.

Reaching his destination, Niko retrieved one of the smaller uniforms from its hiding place, leaving the smallest for Gwenn, but he took a moment to watch as Sam threw his father’s shield at a few practice dummies, decapitating the last one only to have the shield ricochet right back into his hand. “Whoa! Nice work!” he complimented, impressed at how quickly Sam seemed to pick it up. “I hope you don’t mind matching Theo. There was an incident with her clothes and Foster-Thorson crashed a jet, and she needs something new to wear.”

In the main room of the ground floor, HELEN was almost too eager to comply with Theo’s request. “I have taken the liberty of compiling a montage capturing the key moments of the disagreement between yourself and Erik Foster, whom you insist on calling Thorson. The video stations in your current vicinity have all been damaged, but I can broadcast the feed throughout the base - for your convenience.” HELEN definitely sounded ungenerous in her offer.

“Well Thorson? Are you going to tell me what happened down there? Or must I hear it from a woman who’s been magically trapped inside a wall for the past fifteen years and harbors an unfriendly attitude reserved solely for me?” Finally Theo was about to get some answers one way or another.

Sam walked down the stairs with his gear as he heard the conversation grow louder. He began to speak as he came through the doorway, “There you are, I found..” he paused and gazed around, a bit puzzled. “ all seem like you’re settling comfortably. Wanna fill me in?”

HELEN: “I have taken the liberty of compiling a montage capturing -”

“Shut up, Helen!” Theo and Erik snapped in unison at the snide, omnipresent AI. Theo squinted at Erik before turning to look at Sam and her jaw dropped. “Oh my god! What are you wearing and does it come in my size?! Can I touch it?” She strutted over in her boots to frisk Sam Rogers, running her fingers over the leather sleeves and under the arms. “That’s solid stitching. How does it feel in the groin here.” Theo asked with roving hands. She might have had more experience than the others in the wearing of leather and she was far too excited about these new white leather uniforms than was good for any of them.

Sam quickly waved Theo’s hands away from his groin. “It fits fine, thank you.” He slightly raised the shield to properly show the pair. “I found this on the third floor in their main training area, along with the rest of this gear. That’s what I was messaging everyone about. I’d say come upstairs buuut I’m actually kind of more curious about that jet clinging to life outside and where the AI came from.” Sam put his shield down and sat at the bottom of the main staircase. He gazed over at Erik, “You doing okay by the way? And where are the others?”

"You're changing the subject, Sam Rogers, but I guess a jet in the lawn is more important than finding me some clothes. Thorson is fine, can't you see? Not a scratch on him; must be all that god blood. Unlike some of us, he seems to be immune to being hurt. So Thorson, maybe you'd like to tell us about the Hangar below ground. I hear things were quite eventful down there."

Erik looked between the two expectant faces nervously, still unsure of what he should say, "Oh..well..uhh…sooo we were down in the basement, area, place, and uhh we found this shirt and some other stuff…" he gestured off into the air with his free hand, "y'know like scepters and trophies and merch. But then there was some actual stuff. I mean the stuff before was actual stuff, but this is…. equipment is the word there, we found equipment." He paced slightly to shift his weight, "So yeah, equipment and other stuff and then H.E.L.E.N was there so that was new and, s- I'm just going to go with it for now. Anyway, she was helping us out and then uhhh...Theo portaled out of there, and I had to use the.." he motioned back toward the quinjet, "the jet there to get up because the lift wasn't working...soooo yeah….I got comms?" He looked back to the pair with an awkward wince of a smile.

HELEN: “I have taken the liberty of compiling a montage capturing -”

“Oh my god, HELEN! Shut your mouth.”

“Hi HELEN, I’m Sam.” Sam said politely and waved toward the ceiling.

HELEN: “Welcome home, Samuel Rogers. I’d like to call you Sir, if that’s permissible.” Was the AI actually purring?

Sam did a double take and stuttered a moment. “It’s your house, call me what you’d like.”

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