Licking Our Wounds Together - Part 2

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Having been let out by T’Chatem, Gwen ran to meet up with everyone one else while the Prince remained mesmerized by his father's schematics. “Omagawd guys this place is - NAKED!?” The girl gaped seeing the state Theo was in. “Why is Theo naked …” Gwen asked turning to the two menfolk. “Are you guys about to have an orgy or something? I’m letting you all know now ... I’m am not ready for THAT kind of commitment. Should I come back later?” The girl blinked looking between the trio.

Erik's entire faced went to a shade of red so quickly his head might have caught on fire, "A..wh..ahh.."

“Did the AI just purr?” There was so much going on so fast Gwen was on the verge of whiplash!

“Uh hello, not naked,” Theo gave the hem of her jacket a prudent tug.

“A what?” Niko asked, scowling, as he for once lumbered down the steps. “Kvedjvesa,” He tisked, “I’ll tell your mom. She’ll use all three of your names. Here, Miskja, look what I found, it is the only other uniform here in the whole compound which I searched and I bet it’s just about your size.” He held out the uniform.

“How is Sam, Theo and Erik having a threesome my fault?” Gwen pointed out.

“Reasons.” The speedster replied.

"Hot damn," Theo exclaimed with two buttons already unfastened and well on her way to the third.

“No! Don’t … don’t put it on here. Wall Woman, where’s the nearest ladies ro--”

"The nearest private facility equipped with a functioning station for video playback is located on the second floor, next to the conference chamber. I have taken the liberty of compiling -"

Theo cut in, "And where is the nearest private facility without a functioning station for video playback?"

There was a long pause followed by a crestfallen HELEN. "Just around the corner to your right. Follow the pretty blinky lights, Theodosia." Had the AI just given sass while being subdued?! Why would you even program it that way, Tony?

“Wow, even the AI is a pervert.” Gwen tsked.

“Not pervy, Ghost Spider, just patronizing. I get the feeling HELEN wants to upset me by showing me what Foster-Thorson did to me down in the basement levels. Or maybe what I did to myself,” Theo muttered with the white leathers draped over her shoulder.

"I HAVE COMMS!" Erik shouted, still beat red and desperate to change the subject from naked people. "THEY ARE IN THIS CRATE HERE!" He grabbed ahold of the lid and pried it open with his hands. Inside carious plastic packagings of earpieces were set out nicely, thin wooden walls preventing them from moving too much from recent events.

“Whoooa okay, I’m taking a comm pal, geez” Sam replied, chuckling.

“Nice … And Theo still naked … need me to take a pic Sam? It’s not creepy if I do it.” Gwen snorted teasing Captain Freedom Pants.

“No, that’s quite alright. Sadly I have a feeling this will be a semi norm, so might as well get used to it now.” He quickly retorted.

"When I get back you can tell me that story Sam interrupted." Theo was headed for the hallway and a wardrobe change that she’d blown way out of proportion in her own head.

Erik didn't respond to Theo, but only shook his head in any direction but hers so as to not have to look at her state of undress.

Niko leaned against the wall, shaking his head as he munched on one of the no-crust sandwiches. “There is peanut butter in the kitchen, Foster-Thorson.” He said through a mouthful. “And I didn’t get milk. I find that a spoonful helps if Theo asks a question I don’t so much want to answer.” He offered the other half of the sandwich out to Gwen.

“Oo! Thanks!” Gwen accepted, ever the ravenous teen.

Niko gestured to Gwen who was now too busy chewing to talk to illustrate his point.

When the witch returned to the main room she had obviously run a comb through her hair and was sporting the new white leather uniform. She was swinging her arms and legs in a detailed choreographed pattern of movements made to be practiced alone - looking like a true judoka, which she was. It was sometimes hard to imagine Theo as the sort to possess the mental discipline required for martial arts, but both she and Niko were trained - at first self taught, but later in their teens by a master. Which didn’t make them masters. Niko tended to move so fast no one saw his moves, but he had them. Conservation and re-application of momentum were just has useful at super speeds as they were under normal conditions. And Theo couldn’t always rely on her magic. If you asked Niko she already used it too much.

“Well, the fit is amazing and it has adjustments in all the right spots, but it makes my boob look tiny.” Theo cupped her hands across her chest for emphasis, in case basic anatomy hadn’t been on all of their curriculums. “Gwen, you’ll really have a problem there. But really my only issue is there’s no anchor point for my cape. I designed a cape, Niko.”

“Yea, but that's temporary. I still have plenty of growing to do. You either will need surgery or magic to change yours,” Gwen said with sassy snap of her fingers before going back and fiddling with the comms. “How about now?” She asked Erik turning the comms on.

Foster Thorson winced as Gwen’s voice came on surprisingly loud in his ear. He gave a thumbs up as he fiddled with the device deep in his ear, “Sounds great.”

“Hate to interrupt the fashion show, but I think we should get back to the matter at hand.” Sam said in a stern voice.

Theo sat down on the stairs next to Sam’s shield, a bit deflated. “What’s the matter at hand, Rogers?” But in her head she was wondering if there was indeed any magic that would - alter her endowments. If there were, surely it would be referenced in one of the books from the Sanctum’s library. Birdy would know. She made a mental note to ask Birdy about securing magical boobs just as soon as they returned to the Sanctum. Or maybe I’ll just go by myself.

“The clothing policy?” Gwen jibbed.

“Please” Erik quietly added, internally hoping for multiple protective layers, but somehow anticipating that wouldn’t be in the cards.

“First I suggest we get our full party together so we can properly relegate duties and do a proper breakdown of the new intel. Where is Price T’Chantem?”

“Last I checked he was fully dressed pouring over some schematics his father wrote up.” Gwen reported.

“Sounds like chores,” Niko whispered to Theo, offering her 1⁄2 of another sandwich he grabbed from the kitchen.

Theo started to take a bite then double checked that there was no crust. “Do you think twins ever realize that one of them is unplanned?” Theo blurted out around half a mouthful. She was checking out the different zippers on her uniform and pondering whatever thought came to her head.

“Yes. Your mom used to say she was the bonus baby.” Niko whispered again, suggesting his cousin do the same. She did not.

“That makes sense,” Theo nodded. “Incidentally losing a game of rock, paper scissors is just as hard as trying to win.”

“No it isn’t.” Niko said knowingly, throwing out a rock, which Theo covered with paper.

"That's not how it works. You're supposed to go at the same time, NOT faster than me. And besides, you're always rock. My rock!" Theo jostled Niko's elbow playfully. "Would be nicer if you remembered to buy milk when you make peanut butter sandwiches, but you're still my rock."

Niko smiled to his cousin, then raised his hand to make a suggestion. "I suggest we use the war room to break down the Intel, because it's a room we haven't yet broke anything in. And I know the fashion show is over, but we really should find a new shirt for Foster-Thorson. No one can take him seriously in that." He jerked a thumb in Thorson's direction for emphasis. Gwen didn't seem to be having a problem taking the demi-god seriously, the Spiderling was practically drooling.

Sam stood rubbing his forehead, trying to deal with the ever changing topics. “Yes, good suggestion Niko, you all should head there now. I’ll go downstairs and ask the Prince to join us. HELEN, would you be so kind as to point me in the right direction?” He picked up his shield, strapped it on and put the comm device in his ear.

Theo was quick to hop to her feet right behind Sam and carefully watched him collect one of those earpieces. She mimicked his actions and tried fussing with her own earpiece then gave up and dropped it into one of her smooth new zipper action pockets. "That won't be necessary, Sam Rogers. We'll all head over to the war room together and the magical computer voice can track down his Princeship. The rest of us don't need to split up again."

She looked up at the high ceiling because that's what you had to do when you were talking to HELEN. "Helen, make a base wide announcement calling all Avengers to the war room and specifically mention the need for Prince T'Chantem's immediate attendance. When I get to the war room use those fancy systems to display schematics of the compound, highlighting each damaged system and pointing out the areas that will require our involvement for repair."

"Why are you's guys looking at me funny? You just have to tell her what to do like she's the ugly girl in your entourage. Hurry up, Helen!"

“I’m sorry about them, HELEN. Could you PLEASE make an announcement for everyone to gather in the war room?” Sam snapped quickly.

HELEN: "Calling all personnel to the War Room. All personnel to the war room!” Helen repeated, her electronic voice echoing in the hallways. “Again, All personnel, please report to the War Room.”

"What else were you told to do, HELEN?!" Theo tossed her hands in the air. This damn magical computer just would not give her a break. Magical devices that would not obey were dangerous.

Niko raised his hand again. “Do you want sandwiches? I made everyone a sandwich, but I could make everyone a new sandwich. “

It dawned on Sam that he hadn’t eaten since his half finished plate of eggs at 4am this morning. “Actually, now that you mention it, I’m starving. Getting shot into the sky and plummeting down really makes room in your stomach.”

“You got shot into the sky?” She said looking up at Sam. “Man I missed all the cool stuff … HELEN … do you have a recording of that? Can you send it to my phone?” Gwen asked the ceiling.

“It involved murder-bots.” Niko replied with a nod, miming what he pictured was the scene with his hands. “Happened while you were busy being shot at, Ghost Spider Girl.” He mimed that as well.

“Yeah, none of us had a fun or cool time. I almost died.”

“I had a cool t… I’ll just go make some sandwiches.”Niko relented. “And maybe pick up some milk.”

HELEN: "I could beam that footage to your phone, Gwen Parker, but the viewing monitors in the war room are much larger and Sir has already requested your attendance. I can also stream a compiled montage capturing the key moments of the disagreement between Theodosia Maximoff and Erik Foster, whom she insists on referring to as Thorson. I believe the captured footage contains information relevant to everyone's safety."

“Yea know what do that Helen … for all our safety.” Gwen stretched and agreed with the AI.

As the group cleared out Erik readjusted his earpiece and moved to the hallway before stopping, "Hey H.E.L.E.N...maybe actually delete that footage? It's not really... relevant...right now ...yeah…." After a short period H.E.L.E.N responded, "This inquiry directly contradicts Theodosia’s previous orders, as a resolution between two registered members this footage has been archived in a secure server.” Erik looked back to the group as they turned the corner toward what must be the war room, “’ll have to do, thanks,” and he hurried to catch up.

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