Prince T'Chantem Makes His Exit

OOC: I'm posting this on player's behalf.

Sometimes T'Chantem wondered what he had recklessly gotten himself involved in. He only knew half of the "team" Theodosia had pulled together, some of which he was sure he had yet to introduce himself to. However, if anything was to be said based on the live footage the compound's AI system was feeding him, it was that the team was at least progressive, even if in the most harmful way. Unlike a majority of the others, he had little interest in conversing with H.E.L.E.N., and even less of an interest in feeding her galling personality, which he would probably eventually reprogram. "That's enough," he commanded the AI system, the digital screen which showcased what felt like a horrible cinema comedy blinking out. The Prince then flexed his hand, testing the damage that had been done to it from the earlier battle, before checking his health via the bright blue Prime Bead on his Kimoyo bracelet.

Barely sprained. He could heal himself within the hour if given the proper treatment with Wakandan technology.

Eventually T'Chantem decided to reveal himself from his solitude. In between watching the others sprint around like headless chickens, he had also taken the time to read and transfer through several files. He had wanted to program Gwen into the system, but without supplying any of her DNA, the best he was able to accomplish was having the system visually recognize her features.

"Helen, notify the others that I've decided to depart to attend to other business for the time being, and that I look forward to formally meeting those who are unfamiliar with me," he instructed the AI before making his way towards the lower levels.

"Point me towards the direction of the nearest high-speed and fully operating mode of transportation," he commanded the AI system, which directed him towards one of Tony Stark's older luxury sports cars: it would have to do. Entering the vehicle, he found the keys awaiting him on the seat. He wasn't sure when the last time it had been properly driven, but considering that it belonged to the Avengers at some point, he was sure that it was still able to properly operate. With a rev of the engine, a ramp rose in front of him, before an opening towards the back wall parted, making way for him to make his exit.

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