Will the real Captain America please stand up?

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Niko zipped from the War Room up to the third floor, to grab the stupid uniforms and put them back in the lock up, because apparently they were going to be a ‘thing’ - one more ‘thing’ in fact to add to his already less than favorable mood. He let out a slow breath and nodded to Sam, who had crested the stairs to put away some equipment himself.

“You should keep it.” Niko said, pointing to the Shield. “With you, I mean.”

“What do you mean?” Sam asked.

“What if we have to leave here in a hurry and you left this in the locker? You saw how hard it was to get in the first time. I’d keep it close is all. It suits you. I don’t think I’ve seen any pictures of your Dad in uniform without it. And just in case the murder-bots come back.”

Sam pondered on the statement a moment. “I suppose you’re right. We don’t know yet that we’re fully secure here and it may come in handy. I’m sure Dad would make better use of this, though...Anyway, I should get cleaning.”

“I dunno. You looked a lot like him when you were practicing earlier. And I swept up most of the glass on the second floor. Still a lot to do though. You have any plans on who you all want doing what?”

“Oh.” Sam half blushed. “I wasn’t aware that anyone was present. I just thought I’d try breaking it in, see if it suited me. Uh, I was going to start helping HELEN’s bots clean up outside and then whatever Theo decides we should do next.” He replied as he started back down the stairs. “It’s her team, so it’s her call how we move forward, not mine.”

Niko rubbed the back of his neck, using his other hand to mess with a combination lock. "Right now, Theo’s got amazing ideas, but we have a lot to work out, with Dr. Lollis and things. And leading a team, that’s… that’s a whole lot of pressure, you know? And Theo is great at it, don’t get me wrong, but maybe what she needs right now is a little less pressure. And then she can focus on what she needs to focus on, without you know.” He waved his hand around for emphasis. “I was thinking people might be more likely to listen to you.”

Sam abruptly stopped on the stairs. “Me? Why not T’Chantem? Or you? Wouldn’t you be the ‘2nd in command’ in this situation?”

“I thought of T’Chantem, because he dresses great and he speaks really good, but he’s got a whole country that depends on him to dress great and speak well, if Wakunda needs him, it wouldn’t be fair to him that we need him too. And then he’d have to put one over the other. And me - I haven’t read any of the files, and I think I’d rather face the murder bots again than do so. I’m not going to be the guy who stays up with specs and files like you or Gwen, or studies blueprints, or … you know I wouldn’t even know what it is that we’d be looking over. It’s pretty much you, Sammy. Ghost Spider Girl is super smart - don’t tell her I said that - but young, and Foster-Thorson I think would rather be anywhere else but here. You’re what we got. The one other person besides Theo who’s 100% for the team. Remember when we took out that armored car? That was your plan. And it worked, didn’t it?”

“It was my plan, but you took more of them out and you got us to safety.” Sam retorted. He sat on the stairs and unstrapped the shield from his arm, holding it in front of himself to look at it. “Did you even ask how the others would feel about this? Did you ask how Theo would feel about this? I don’t want anyone thinking I’m trying to take over. How do you know they would follow me?”

“How do you know they won’t? This will always be ‘Theo’s team’ - no matter who’s in charge. I just think right now we got our asses near handed to us by a bunch of robots. Do you have any ideas of what went wrong or how we could do better?”

“You’re avoiding my questions.” Sam said, looking up at Niko. “And for starters, no one wanted to read the damn files before we left,” he chuckled. “But past that, we did the best we could. We tried sticking together but those big boys had different ideas and had we not sent Gwen downstairs to shut off the security, none of us would have made it out.”

“Here’s the thing; if you don’t step up - who is going to? And what will that leave us with? Do you want the team to be dead? Because I would rather the team not be dead; Ghost Spider Girl’s mother would kill me if I survived. I’m dangerously under-qualified for this.”

Sam stood back up, took a breath and strapped his shield back on. “Okay look. If the others agree, I’d be honored to lead them. But that decision has to be unanimous. They have to look me in the eye and tell me they will follow me. That they’re willing to put their lives in my hands. That’s what following me, means. It won’t work if any of them feel that I shouldn't be calling the shots. And that includes Theo.”

Niko knew the latter would be an impossibility, especially right now, given the state of everything going on. “Theo won’t.” He said, a hint of impatience in his voice. “Not right now, anyway. I’ll just figure it out myself.” He closed the door he was standing in front of. “You know, on second thought, you should just leave the Captain’s shield in the lock up. Doesn’t suit you as good as I thought it did.”

“Yeah”, Sam replied, walking back upstairs and he took the shield off. “I didn’t think so either.”

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