That Shield Doesn't Belong To You

Sam slowly walked up the stairs, down the hall and re-entered the training hall, arriving at Steve's locker along the wall. He opened the door, hung the shield back up on its mantle and sat down to take off the white and red uniform he found as well.

"Why did I think they'd follow me?" He said aloud to himself.

He hung the uniform up and put on the modified red and blue uniform that was there instead. He reached for the helmet and pulled out the family picture to look at it again. “They would have followed you. You would know what to do.” As he was finishing dressing, his phone began to ring.

"Let me guess."

'Incoming call - Mom'

"Hi Mom."

"Sam, is everything alright? I thought you were going to check in." Sharon said in a quiet tone. Clearly she was in the office, but trying to sneak in a phone call while her colleagues were busy.

"Yes, sorry. It's been a busy few hours." He said, clearly a little upset.

"What's going on?" She asked, concerned.

"Like I said, it's just been a busy couple of hours. I'll update you when I have a proper report." He replied. He hung up the phone and threw it in the locker. He rubbed his forehead and caught his breath.

HELEN: “Samuel, I detect a sharp rise in your blood pressure. Are you experiencing pain or discomfort?”

“No. I’m fine HELEN. Thank you. I’d like a moment alone if that’s alright.” He said, refraining from looking up toward the ceiling.

HELEN: “As you wish, Samuel. I will cease monitoring of the training hall until you vacate the area.”

He took another moment to look at the picture, then placed it inside the locker. He secured his harness, strapped the helmet on and radioed in.

“On my way to lawn clean up.”

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