Speedster and the Spider Part One

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Gwen’s plan for finding the place on Bleecker Street had basically gone up in flames. Only after did she realize that she had just the street name; she could look ‘till she was blue and still she would not find it without a full address. They could be in Westchester for all she knew! So instead she was just out to clear her head and swung through the buildings with familiar ease, flourishing every so often at the apex of her swing. She flipped and spun lazily feeling the city night air whistle by her ears. Gwen paused on a lamp post on the side of a building watching the world pass her by unnoticed in her semitransparent state. That was until some moron started shouting at her from the damn street!

“Hey! Ghost Spider-Girl,” He called out playfully, “Looking for something?” He took a few fast steps towards her, blurring in and out of sight.

Gwen perked and then slapped a hand to her forehead. ~Oh merciful god strike him down and shut him up!~ She inwardly begged. Did he HAVE to yell out there was a semi-transparent spider on the way?!! She was semi-transparent for a REASON!

“Don’t be shy!” He took a couple of steps closer, shaking the lamp post she was on with his hands. Unfortunately for Niko, the fast motion on the metal was a bit much for the halogen bulb, which burst as a result of him doing so, darkening that part of the street. “My bad,” He called up to her. “Don’t worry, I’ll clean it up in the morning. What are you doing out so late?”

Gwen looked down at the freaking human tornado of destruction and if steam could come out of her ears she would have. Of course wearing a full mask it was hard to tell what she was thinking. She leaned down as if she was going to say something. Then when she was sure he was going to listen … hit him dead center in his chest with webbing and yoinked him straight up in the air with all her spider might, which was considerable! Gwen figured the only way she was going to nail him down for a moment to have a halfway decent conversation was to catch him flat footed and string his ass up in a high place.

Gwen moved fast rebounding off the side of a building, swinging him up higher, getting more webbing gook on him. There was a perfect spot to hang him from right at the edge of a gargoyle just a little ways up so the Bonneville Maniac had no building to run, bounce or any surface to get away on! But there was a NUMBER of things that could go wrong of course. She didn’t have his training after all.

Niko was not a fan of not being in control of a situation and he was even less of a fan of being trapped in a net above the city. But he was also curious as to how this would play out, what was going on inside the brain underneath that mask. And though he was being pulled alongside above the city, he didn’t resist. One of those two things, he could “This is your great plan?” He scoffed. “Oh, no. I’m trapped. Now what?” He looked at her with an impish grin on his face. “You did come here looking for us, didn’t you?”

Gwen hung upside down in front of Niko. Again her full mask hiding the look of her not being impressed at all. “It worked, didn’t it?” She pointed out not knowing it only worked because he LET it work. “Anywho it’s hard having a conversation with someone who doesn't stand still or sucker punches you. Or just, in general, is running in circles around me.” She explained. “Now let us have a PROPER conversation.”

“I did promise that next time I would provide ample warning before punching you in the face. There is that. And it’s not really my fault that I run circles. You’re very slow.” He informed her as he kicked his feet lightly to sway back and forth. “If you want a proper conversation, we should meet with Theo. She’ll make you tea.”

“Well, I have you right now. So you are going to have to deal with it Bonneville.” She said clearing her throat about to ask something but like the speedster he was Niko seemed to make a point of either talking over her or running over her words before she could ask a question. How did Theo DEAL with him!?

“Bonneville. That’s a terrible hero name.” Niko said in a flat tone.

“You don’t even know what it means do you?” Gwen took a cue from him and interrupted whatever he was about to say.

“No, but I know it’s not a good hero name.” He said with a lopsided grin.

“Really? Bonneville salt flats? Worlds test bed for experimental cars and breaking land speed records and … you know never mind. The reference is lost on you.” Gwen said full of disappointment.

“No, no. I now get the reference. Land speed records, I’m fast. I get what you’re going for. But it still makes for a terrible hero name.” Niko’s patience was starting to grow thin. The only thing worse than standing and talking for long periods of time was hanging and talking. He started to rub his thumb and forefinger together. “You want to have a conversation, we’re conversing. I have a question for you, Ghost Spider-Girl.”

“Scarlet … Scarlet Spider.” Gwen huffed as she corrected him. “Fiiiine. What?” She caved so far not having gotten a single question in. Hopefully, this would settle him long enough to get a full address at least.

“You are a hero, yes? And heroes save everyone, that’s what you said?” He had the same impish look on his face as he tried not to smirk, but rather to look sincere. He failed, miserably, but he did try.

Niko had this cat about to eat the canary look and Gwen was feeling like the canary. “Oooooookay …” She said carefully eyeballing Niko. “ … I did. What of it?”

Niko shrugged his shoulders. “Then you won’t let me hit the pavement.” He was done talking and being patient, done joking with the Spider Sentinel or whatever she called herself. Playtime, as it were, was over.

“What? Why would you hit the pav - don’t be stupid. I got you snug as a bug in a spiders web.” She snickered poking him with a finger causing him to swing a little. “Okay, so what is the full address of the house of mystery on Bleecker street?” She asked starting the questioning.

Niko heard her ask, but didn’t feel like answering. Theo was in charge of all that. He was certain he could create enough friction to make it just loose enough for the speedster to wriggle free. It only took a split second. ~Okay Ghost Spider “Hero,” time to start training~ he thought to himself. Free-falling spread eagle towards the ground, he let out a whoop and silently hoped she’d keep her word and not let him hit the street.

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