The Laboratory Doesn't Snap Back (T'Chantem)

OOC: Now that I've returned from my absence, this post primarily explains what T'Chantem was doing since returning to the Avengers Facility and the team, and puts things back on track for him.

T’Chantem had spent a large majority of his time since returning to the Facility secluded in the depths of the first floor’s laboratory. He spent the passing days alternating between working on various assignments, which included a new and improved suit model, and taking care of his basic human needs. He stayed in relatively little contact with his peers, who also went about their own tasks throughout the week, ultimately uninterested in learning more about the lack of dynamic and various other complications that had emanated from the previous conflict, and more interested in working on his unfinished projects. He did however consistently remain in contact with his family back in Wakanda, more specifically with his cousins, who he had jointly decided to work with when designing his suit. While their conversations were usually the secondary form of communication behind showing off their work through holographic blueprints, spoken language did take the primary when they discussed the future of the monarchy of their country, and the problems it currently faced. The conversations did little to help T’Chantem adjust to being away from home. His visit to New York had prolonged pass his initial plans, and while he was starting to suffer from homesickness due to the unprepared for time away, the fact that complications that were meant for him to deal with were beginning to rise back at home did little to quell the heavy consternation imbued upon him. In an almost ironic way, spending time with his family was a double-edged sword, while it comforted him, it also reminded him of his unresolved issues, and the fact that he was thousands of miles away from resolving them.

Taking a moment to distract himself from the designs of his Vibranimum suit, T’Chantem glanced over at a hologram that only he had saw and touched. An artificial model of a four story building projected before him. He had mostly completed the design for the building both outside and in, sectioning off various rooms and areas, entrances and exists, and even aesthetic designs to make the building more recognizable. He had been working on the new Wakandan Embassy, something he had decided to keep to himself until he sent the blueprints for construction. He had nothing to seriously consider in acquiring land, as the spot that the previous embassy stood was legally his for the taking, and while technically the legality could more than likely be questioned considering he wasn’t king, he doubted that anyone wanted or cared enough to go through what would undeniably be a public legal battle over whether rights fell to T’Chantem as Prince or to the Council as the current government and head of Wakanda. Either way, the Wakandan heir cared little about the council’s desires at the current time. Two of their members had refused to relinquish their power, and the break in tradition both personally offended and angered him. Returning his attention back to the suit, he continued making improvements to the model for hours, before remotely beginning its physical construction. From the lab in New York he was able to control several mechanics in the lab in Wakanda thanks to the advancement of technology in his home country, advancements that were mostly credited to his cousin as head scientist and their team.

As the day began to stretch and the time zone between the two countries became more apparent, T’Chantem and his cousins finished their work for the day. He was careful to make sure that he disconnected all points back to the Wakandan lab from the lab in New York, saving his work in the database back in Wakanda as well before shutting the area down. However, before T’Chantem could leave, HELEN alerted him of the arrival of Happy Hogan. The name was familiar, and while T’Chantem had never met or concerned himself with the individual, he did recognize him as the previous bodyguard of Tony Stark, and one of the hero’s personal allies. “HELEN, could you provide me videofeed?” T’Chantem requested, before a holographic visual projected ahead of him. He silently watched and listened as the others slowly engaged with Happy one by one, until the group finally dispersed, and T’Chantem decided to join them.

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