Waffles and Whereabouts pt 1

Niko stood outside on the block he knew belonged to Gwen recognizing the street name, but all the damn houses looked the same, and they were so close together! What was the number? Sam had said it at least once. He zipped up the block two or three times leaving behind a wake of trashcans and car alarms until things started to look a little familiar. He remembered walking up on to a porch with Sam, an open porch, which narrowed it down to two houses. Checking his pockets for change and finding none, he picked up a few pebbles from the ground and played a quick game of eeny meanie before tossing a pebble at a second-story window. Eeny meanie wouldn’t let him down, if it could catch an entire tiger by the toe, it could definitely determine which house was correct.

Nothing happened. He tapped his foot impatiently and tossed a second pebble. Ugh, this was taking FOREVER. “HEY! GHOST SPIDER-GIRL!” He called loudly, cupping his hands over his mouth. A small dog started to bark.

Gwen who was engrossed in her trying to rebuild her transparency device Niko had smashed when he kited her into the side of a bus. It was delic - Gwen jumped straight up to the ceiling when someone … we all knew who … shouted her code name-not her code name- but what someone very specific had decided to call her.

“YOU HOME?” He put two fingers in his mouth to whistle loudly.

Gwen scrambled to her window hanging precariously out she shouted. “OH, MY GAWD! IF THERE WAS A SPIDER WHATEVER SHE AIN’T HERE!” She shouted nearly falling out the window red-faced.

“Oh! Hey!” Niko replied, turning around to face the correct house. He looked up and waved. “I WAS HOPING YOU WERE HOME, KVEDJVESA! WANT TO GO GET SOME LUNCH?”

Gwen hung out her window smacking her palm to her forehead. “Dose a secret identity mean nothing to you!” She grumbled through her teeth. “IF YA PROMISE TO STOP SHOUTING!” She yelled slamming her window shut.

“What the hell!” Someone else yelled from their window. “My baby is trying to nap!”

“What’s with all the shouting?” Came a third voice.

“You people keep this shit down!” Hollered someone else. Niko zipped to the front porch of Gwen’s house, knocking on the door with two knuckles impatiently.

There was the sound of heavy thumping. “I COMING STOP KNOCKING!” Gwen’s muffled voice shouted.

“You going out?” Niko could hear MJ ask.

“For the sake of this streets sanity and my not so secret identity … yes … yes, mom … I’m saving everyone from Niko.” She said swinging the door open. “If you make me vomit it’s going to be down your shirt. Where you wanna eat?” She threatened.

“Have fun!” MJ said from the couch.

“Thank you, Mrs. Ghost Spider Girl Mom!” Niko called inside. “Diner?” he offered. “You can have waffles, any time of day at the Diner. And if you breathe through your nose as I said to, you will not throw up, most likely. But we can take the stupid, slow way if it makes you happier.”

“Do you want vomit down your shirt if I vomit? You willing to risk it?” Gwen challenged the speedster.

Niko chuckled and tousled the red head’s hair. “I’m fast Kvedjvesa. The first sign of a dry heave I’d move out of the splash zone. So where is somewhere nearby? I’m starving.”
Gwen made a dry heaving noise just to mess with Niko. “Yea yea Bonneville. Let's get some waffles!”

Niko laughed and scooped the spiderling up, but put her down just as fast. “We’ll walk.” He grumbled, exaggerating how slow they were moving. After the fifth or sixth step, he was already fidgety “Did you have a good visit with your mother?”

“I am having a great visit. Board games, showed her bunch of pictures … caught a movie.” Gwen said skipping along. “Fixing some of my tech while I’m here. How Theo? She was a little …. More Theo-ish than normal last I saw her.”

“Theo is fine.” He shot quickly, before softening his tone. “I mean, she’s doing better, and we’re not fighting. I think being at the sanctum helped. No more talk about Wanda being back, no Wanda sightings. Magic just -- it distorts reality for a little bit. Theo always snaps back though - Always.”

“Uh-hu.” Gwen said eyes Niko warily. “Well, it was disturbing that whole bringing them back out of thin air. She lost it pretty hard up at the compound.” She pointed out. “Are you sure it good for her? I mean just seems there is a lot of triggers there.” The spiderling noted. It was non stop with Theo at the compound. She steamrolled from one issue to the next and it wasn’t that she didn’t like Theo she was, from an outside perspective. Difficult to deal with because she really only listened to Niko.

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