Waffles and Whereabouts pt 2

“She didn’t mean it.” He defended. “Magic just sometimes makes it hard to know what’s real or not. Real magic, not like that douchebag Criss Angel. If she doesn’t practice, she won’t get better, and if she doesn’t get better --” He shrugged. “Isn’t that the reason for being upstate? Thorson tossed a Hulkbuster through a building. He’s gotta learn to control what he does too, and no one is jumping his shit about it.”

“Thorson didn’t strip naked in the middle of the room screaming about janitors.” Gwen said flatly. “I get it Niko. I don’t have any siblings but I get it. She’s your cousin, your family and its you two against the world … but you guys … you not alone anymore. There are a lot more people to look after now and yea we all have to get used to each other. Just don’t want shade thrown at Theo cuz only you know how to help her.”

“You wish Thorson stripped naked in the middle of the room.” Niko teased, deflecting the line of questioning. “Both you and my cousin, fighting for front row seats.”

Gwen flushed. “Ha! Theo would just stand there drooling with smoke out of her ears if he did that … actually might be a great way to pacify her …” She said taking the though more seriously.

“Yeah….” Niko snickered. “Theo would be standing there drooling. You’d be doing what?”

“Taking pictures duh!” Gwen chortled. “Need photographic evidence!”

Niko snickered and rolled his eyes. “I’ll tell Mrs. Ghost Spider Girl.” He warned, opening the door to the Diner for Gwen to enter. “But, she’d probably just want copies.”

“Probably hire him as an underwear model” Gwen said at the entered the Diner and were guided to a seat.

Niko let the spiderling pick which side of the booth she wanted, and he slid across from her, drumming his fingertips idly on the table. “I’m hoping your mother runs a modeling agency, not that she just hires underwear models to stand around. And if it’s that, I’m asking you to not let my cousin know that is an option or a career choice.”

“I wouldn’t worry, she’s too curvy and busty for runway and her boobs are too big for lingerie anyway.” Gwen said absently. “If she seriously wanted to Modle she would have to go down a dress size …”

“I meant someone who hires underwear models to stand around,” Niko replied, snarling his lip, “and I swear to you, do NOT tell my Miskja to go down a dress size. She is as light as a 12-year-old.”

Gwen raised an eyebrow and decided not to argue to point that it would be impossible for Theo to weight as much as a twelve-year-old. “Alright … I was just saying. Either way, Theo is NOT cut out for modeling. That shit is DEMANDING and they will RUIN her hair. Oh … al a mode!” Gwen smiled looking down the list of the various waffles available.

“No. She is, however, cut out to save the world.” He said matter of factly as he took a sip of his water. “So maybe that’s a good thing.”

“So long as she keeps her clothes on.” Gwen added. That was all they needed a naked Theo on the front page.

Niko rolled his eyes and muttered something in Sokovian as a waitress took their order, the speedster, not being able to decide between waffles, pancakes or french toast ordered all three, and an ala mode for his teammate. “I’ll be taking the jeep upstate tomorrow.” He said, changing the subject. “If you wanted a ride. I don’t know if anyone else has their own car, so it may be crowded.”

“So soon?” Gwen perked. “I don’t have a car so … not much of a choice. Not web-slinging that far.” She laughed. “Theo not ring slinging it?”

“I don’t want to get stuck in the boondocks without a car again,” he explained. “Or get cut in half by a portal on accident. But I suppose I could find someone else to ride in the back between Thorson and Sam Rogers if you would rather not.” He smiled impishly at the smallest Avenger.

“So Theo is going to allow herself to ride shotgun,” Gwen said sipping her drink returning Nikos impish grin.

“Theo usually drives.” He said reassuringly. “It’s her vehicle. I mostly wanted to make sure that you wanted to come back upstate. I wasn’t sure how Mrs. Ghost Spider girl felt about it. Did you tell her about the turret?”

Gwen chocked on her soda. “No! Are you crazy! If you value my life you won’t tell her EITHER.” She coughed. “Why would I tell her that! There would not be enough porn in the world to keep her from raiding my closet and confiscating everything hero related!”

Niko thought that Ghost Spider’s mom, between the underwear models and now porn, was getting more and more interesting, and he made a mental note to be nicer to the woman when he returned her daughter. “I… don’t know how close you are,” he said through a mouthful of pancake. “I’d tell Theo if I’d gotten trapped by a turret. Of course, she’d just say ‘why didn’t you outrun the bullets, Niko?’ and I’d be wondering the same thing.”

“Theo isn’t your mom and I DO tell her a lot. I just don't want her worried all the time maybe she would worry less if the Avenger didn’t disappear.” She shrugged. “But that not how things shook out. I believe Theo when she says something is coming. I think my mom knows its better I get the training now so when it does it the fan … I’ll make it out.” The fact was her MJ never remarried, never entertained another person in her life. Her dad had been it. Having a husband do this was bad enough but her daughter too? Gwen gave her mom a lot of credit but wasn’t stupid enough to push that luck by sharing the gruesome details like the turret situation.

Niko stabbed at his waffles, less hungry than he thought, but he drained his coffee cup regardless. “You’ll make it out.” He assured the high schooler. “Whatever hits the fan.”

“Damn right I will! When I get the Iron Spider running even Thorson will think twice before he tangles with me.” Gwen said with a stupid grin. She was like a girl with a puppy with that thing, they would have to pry from her cold dead fingers!

“They’ll be no tangling with Thorson,” Niko stated matter of factly, almost protectively. “He’d a good guy, and I do not want to have to break his spleen or anything. And… what exactly is the Iron Spider?”

“Oh! Do you know that hulk buster that wouldn’t stop following me?” Gwen reminded Niko waiting for the head nod of understanding. Niko complied with such a nod.

“I spraypainted him in my spidey colors and have working on repairing and reprograming him.” She said in a giddy tone. “The stupid voice command was all kinds of jacked for some reason … maybe it was the lighting the fried a circuit … anyway, it’s been waiting very patiently for my return. It needs a lot … A … LOT … of work still. It’s a big project but COME ON! A hulk buster puppy hooked up to Veronica! How can that not be super useful!” She said chomping down on her ice cream and waffles.

Niko nodded again, sitting back against the seat in the booth. “No, no, I can see it.” He agreed. “As long as the fight is outside. Otherwise, I see a lot of Iron Spider shaped doorways in your future. But-- I am glad to hear you’re coming back with us.”

“Phh I would be crazy not to.” She assured him.

Crazy, the speedster still hated the word with a fiery passion that burned like the sun, but he was relieved to hear that MJ wasn’t going to be holding the Spiderling back. “You got that right,” Niko teased. “What would we do without the Coolest Avenger?”

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