The Spider and The Speedster (Part Two)

OOC: Joint post between Blitzen & Winter, Collectively - December


Gwen's jaw hung open before shouting a colorful string of expletives. She let go of her string and shot down to catch up with him. There was an actual safe distance to catch him; if she caught him from too far away there was a serious risk of her doing more damage than going spat would do. She hit him on two spots of his back, to get a safe and secure hold of him before shooting her catch line and swing to bleed off the momentum. She had to jerk him up a little to avoid him smacking a parked car. The poor girl was on the verge of a coronary and was about to jump down and give a piece of her mind to that … negligent ...airheaded … stupid…speedster!

Niko did what Niko does. He ran. He didn’t flat out give it all he had, but the minute his sneakers touched the ground, he ran. He used enough speed and momentum to keep the Ghost Spider airborne, like a parasailer. When his powers first manifested he’d give Theo rides the same way, only with her holding tight to the corners of a blanket to catch the wind. He thought the Ghost spider was having as much fun as his ten-year-old cousin would as he banked the corner and headed up Broadway. It was a shame, Theo really would love to see all the pretty neon lights on Broadway at night.

One second Gwen had a firm grasp on things and next, suddenly she was wailing at the top of her lungs reflexively holding on to the webbing connected to Niko. She tried to tell him to stop but it all came out as one long singular incomprehensible scream.

“Road sign,” Niko warned! It was quite possible that traveling at those speeds, the ghost spider girl may not have been able to hear him or see very clearly, as there was a discerning, concerning thunk sound from behind him. Niko cringed but snickered regardless. “No? You say you want to go faster?” He called over his shoulder. She was a determined little thing to say the least. Niko rounded another corner sharply and turned 180 degrees. He cringed again when he felt Gwen clip the side of the bus. “Still there?” He called back. He wasn’t sure where the roads lead, but with names like “Water Street” he had a pretty good idea. Niko chuckled again and poured on the steam. Just as he reached the water’s edge, he stopped and shimmied out of his skin-tight shirt, letting the ghost spider girl go sailing overhead into the East River. He heard her holler as she soared above him and splashed down into the water.

The first hit hurt like a mother and all Gwen could see were fireworks. When she clipped the bus it shattered her device and completely dizzied the poor girl. She could not tell left from right or even what direction she was moving even when she hit the water. Like a fish hit with dynamite she was stunned pretty hard. Sure she was a resilient little bug but she was FAR from used to this kind of abuse. Her limbs still and hating her at the moment as she struggled to make it back to the surface.

The shirtless Niko waited to make sure she popped up above the surface. “Sorry Ghost Spider Girl!” He called, as the horn of the ferry was heard in the distance. Given the low lighting and the dark water it was impossible to tell if she had popped up to the surface. Then again she may have clipped the bus harder than he thought. Niko couldn’t recall at what point she had stopped screaming. Niko waited what seemed like a long time to him, but it could have really been a few seconds time, anytime spent waiting seemed extraneously long. “Ghost Spider Girl?” He called again. Instantly his mind reverted back to being eleven-years-old and seeing Theo face down in the swimming pool. “Shit.” He swore, diving into the water. He couldn’t see very far with the water being dark and murky, but he was a strong swimmer; that is to say he could swim very fast. He surfaced to take a breath, then dove down deeper where he’d seen her hit the water. Niko felt the brush of cloth by his fingertips and he grasped at it frantically until he wrapped his finger around it making a break to the surface. Only to find it was the Spider Girl’s mask that had hooked on to some trash.

Further down river, Gwen was dizzily climbing the wall back at the dock trying not to vomit. It was a hell of a rollercoaster ride with an abrupt and wet end in the Hudson River. “I’m going …” She gasp. “ … to .. do something awful to him.” She grumbled wobbling to her feet and fell over again. “Ooo … what did I hit.” The redhead groaned.

Squinting, Niko could faintly make out the red and blue costume climbing out of the river. He was more than relieved to see that she was all right. As she passed under a street light, he caught a glimpse of red hair. “Now I get it,” He said, “Scarlet Spider.” He swam to the dock and pulled himself up and shook out his silver hair. Above, he could see the auburn-haired girl swing off into the distance. Niko tucked the red mask into his running pants. His sneakers sloshed with each step he took. It was going to be a long walk home.

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