The Clean Up & The Low Down

Sam stepped out of the shower and slowly dried himself. He took his time dressing back into his blue and white suit, then wiped down his helmet and shield. There was music softly playing as he finished drying his hair, humming along to the tune.

He decided to leave his phone in his room, seeing as he wouldn't be gone long and he wouldn't be far. Making his way back to the training room, he was surprised by the swift clean up job the defense bots were conducting. He knew they would have it all cleaned and repaired before the sun would set, but being the cause of most of the damage, Sam felt guilty just leaving it there to be swept up. Besides, he needed to keep himself busy until they got the call to move out. He was hoping Erik would still be around, but Sam figured he had other things to handle.

Sam grabbed a heavy metal panel that was ripped from the wall and dragged it back to it's spot. He held it in place while two bots drilled it and hammered it smooth. He pushed a storage locker upright and kicked a dent out of the door. About an hour passed and Sam decided to head back to his room.

Walking back into his room, he grabbed his phone and scrolled through his contacts. He landed on his mom's name and called her.

"Sam, hi! Is everything okay?" Sharon said the moment she picked up.

"Hey Mom, yeah I'm fine, I'm sorry I haven't been able to talk much. I wanted to check in. How is everything going?" Sam asked.

"It's certainly going. It sounds like we've both been busy." There was a brief moment of shouting in the background and Sharon called out to the voices, quieting them down.

"What was that?" Sam asked, concerned.

"Sorry, I'm out in the field right now." She said, nonchalantly.

"Wait what? Since when are you back in the field?" Sharon hadn't been sent on assignment since Sam's 18th birthday and with everything that's been happening lately, he knew this could only be bad news.

"Since now. We don't have enough field agents to handle the mounting work so I told Ross I was willing to help. It's not a big deal." Sharon seemed irritated. There was something she wasn't telling him, but he realized it wouldn't be the ideal time to push the subject. "Listen, we'll talk more when I'm back in town. You all be safe, Sam. Things are going to get interesting."

The line ended and Sam stood frozen a moment. Where could she be? What on earth was she doing? What did she mean 'interesting'? Now he had to worry about his mom on top of handling the mission. He took a minute to mull over a bad idea. He could at least find out where she was, but if she found out that he went snooping, she would certainly let him have it.

Deciding that he couldn't stand not knowing, he got Helen's attention.


"Yes sir?" She quickly replied, sounding eager.

"I'd like you to locate a mobile device associated with the following number." He read out her number and Helen began scanning. Almost ten minutes of pacing later, she called out to him.

"Location found, sir. Sending information package to your personal device."

"Thank you." Sam replied as he pulled up the information as quickly as he could. There was a GPS coordinate that placed Sharon within a southern district of New Orleans. Helen found security footage of his mom and 2 others, tailing an unknown target through some kind of food festival. 'Well. At least she isn't alone.' Sam thought to himself. But this brought more questions than answers. Who were they after and why? And what exactly were their plans with that person? After looking everything over, he asked Helen, "Should you have the time and spare power, would you keep an eye on my mom?"

"Of course, sir. I will schedule an hourly updated scan and alert you, should any pressing information arise."

"You're the best." He said as he smiled. Whatever was happening, Sam had to remind himself that Sharon is a veteran professional and that he had more pressing matters to focus on. He equipped his helmet and grabbed his shield, making his way back out into the facility.

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