The Iron Avenger Pt.1

Howard’s sitting on the couch, watching some mundane cartoons about sponges. He hears his mother getting ready for work in the other room, man he loves her, but he can’t wait for her to leave.

“How’s it going in there? You fall in?” Howard said in a joking tone.

“Haha, almost ready, better not throw any parties while I’m away.” Pepper replied, and she really was almost ready. Packed bags and all. She says it’s a business trip, but he doesn’t believe it.

But it doesn’t matter, that just means more time to himself. More for ‘The Suit’ it’s been almost a month since he’s found out about the ‘Avengers’ and dammit if he isn’t excited.

“Of course not, I’m a saint, aren’t I mother?” Howard snarkily says while waiting impatiently.

“Ok how do I look?” His mom finally comes out of her room, wearing a white business suit.

“Like you’re gonna knock ‘em dead in Chicago.” Howard got up to get her bags, more to rush than actually help.

“I got it. Go back to watching cartoons.” She grabs the bags back and heads to the door.

“They’re animation actually.” Howard sits back down.

“Ok, you have food in the fridge, Happy’s coming over in a couple of hours. I love you”

“I love you too mom, have fun.”

“Wish me luck!” Pepper says as she leaves. She blows a kiss toward Howard as she closes the door. He waits a minute, then 2, then 3. The door opens and Pepper comes in. She looks as if she expects something to be wrong.

“Forget something mom?”

“I, uh, forgot my lipstick!” She runs back into her room and comes out after a couple of seconds holding eye shadow. She tries to hide it from Howard, but he already saw it.

“Love you mom.”

“Bye baby.” She replied as she left, again.

1, 2, 3, 4… No sound, no shuffling, nothing. Howard went to the door and put his ear to it. Trying to hear any indication of his mom still outside. Nothing. He creeps toward the window and sees Pepper’s car drive away. He waits until she’s out of view and goes downstairs to Tony’s old workspace. It looks old and unused, caution tape around. He ducks under and goes to the placeholder for the Mark I Suit. He looks at it, with solemn, but presses the ancient arc reactor. The mechanical suit whirs and opens, it’s a door! Howard walks in, and it’s a pristine white room, with different models of Iron Man masks and armor. There’s one different item in the room.

An ‘X’ looking strap, almost like a backpack without, well the backpack. It has an arc reactor in the middle as the connector of both straps. Howard claps twice.

“Hey S.A.M.! You with me buddy?”

The room illuminates in a tint of blue light and we hear a voice, from the room.

“Hello, Howard.”

“Mom’s away for the week S.A.M., we are on a schedule.” Howard starts to walk to the uncanny contraption. “We have to start ASAP. Start recording, title ‘Stark: Quick Change Protocol.’

Howard opens the straps and puts each arm through the holes. He closes it by clamping down the arc reactor to the other side. He breathes an extra long breath, nervousness and excitement. “This is it. Time to see if we’re going to the big boy leagues Sam.”

“Might I advise a few more tests, sir?”

“This is a test S.A.M., a leap of faith.”

Howard extends his index and middle finger, and motions toward the arc reactor. He taps it twice, and nothing. But suddenly, it illuminates in a bright blue light, and the straps open as metal plates close around Howard. First his feet turn into heavy metal, then his arms, hands, chest. His entire body is encompassed in the iron suit. An Iron Man helmet goes around his head, and the mask closes down his face.

“S.A.M.? How’re functions?” Howard asked, barely containing his enthusiasm.

“Flight functions at 100%, Repulsar functions at 100%, Enhanced Physical Aptitude at 100%. All functions are at 100%, sir.”

“Let’s gooo!” Howard fist pumps the air, accidentally smashes a work lamp. “Oh, crap.”

“Congratulations, sir.”

“Why thank you S.A.M.” Howard bows, to no one. “Now scan the tri state area, try to find any active crimes.” Howard really wanted to join the New Avengers, but he hasn’t proven himself yet. So he needs a big juicy crime to stop.

“There’s a reported drug deal down 57th.”


“A Grand Theft Auto near the corner of Central Park.

“Pass, c’mon S.A.M., give me something hot and ready.”

“Armed Robbery on the corner Frank and Smith.”

“Oh, now you’re talking.” Howard said as started walking out the lab. “Hostages, guns, witnesses. Sounds great.”

“Might I advise practice before you go out into the field?”

“S.A.M. I am, the suit’s bulletproof. I’ll be back in a bit.” Howard steps out of the lab, still in the full suit, he walks to the helipad and looks at the bright blue sky. “Get ready New York, there’s a new hero in town.” Howard jumps off of the building and starts plummeting at rapid speeds, buildings fly past him. He aims his feet toward the ground and compact rockets start to shoot out of his feet. He slows down and puts his hands to his side. Howard starts to move, up! He’s flying! He zooms up, and up. He reaches the top of Stark tower and blasts toward the robbery.

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