The Iron Avenger Pt.2

As Howard zooms through the city, dodging and weaving through buildings. A stupid grin across his face, but you couldn’t tell by looking at him. His Blue and Silver armor gave him an intimidating presence. His hud inside his helmet displayed everything. How many buildings and people there were in the city. A GPS directing him where to go. Even a little model of the suit showing where it was damaged most. It was such a rush for him. He saw where the armed robbery was taking place. Just a gas station. There were 3 hostiles, 3 civilians. Easy, right? Howard got closer and closer toward the destination. He started about what his entrance should be. Smash through the roof? No, someone might get shot. It was a pretty cool intro tho- SMASH!

“Aghhhh!” A lady screams as Howard crashes into an office building.

“Sorry, sorry!” Howard says as he smashes and destroys the office floor. Desks broken in half, cubicles with man-shaped holes. As he smashes through the window, he yells “Don’t worry, I bought the building! S.A.M., remind me to buy the building.”

“Of course, Howard.”

Howard falls free for a second, then rockets toward the robbery. He sees the gas station and lands at the entrance. A woman and her daughter are crying in the corner as the cashier throws a bag of cash at the robbers. Howard raises his hand and blasts the robbers hand as he reaches for the money.

“Aghh dammit!” The robber exclaims and grabs his hand. “What the hell?”

The other robber aims his pistol toward Howard. “Time to see if I’m bulletproof” Howard says as he walks into the building. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! The bullets bounce off the suit like spitballs. “Nice try, but c’mon, really? I just shot a laser out of my hand.”

Howard grabs the gun and it bends in his hand. Howard then punches the robbers chest and he flies into the sodas, causing them to explode. Howard then turns his head to the injured assailant, still clutching his hand. “’re a freak.”

“No, I’m an Avenger.” Howard grabs the robber’s collar and throws him through a window, and he smashes into the street. “Is everyone ok?” The woman and her child nod. Howard picks up the bag and tosses it back to the cashier.

Howard steps out of the gas station and blasts off toward Stark Tower. As he flies, he thinks to himself. This was one of the best days of his life, he was an actual superhero! He changes course.

“S.A.M. call Happy.”

“Calling Happy.”

Howard waits for his uncle to pick up.

“Hey kid, where are you?” Happy answers, already worried.

“Hay Hap, I.. um… I need you to cover for me.”

Howard explains the suit, the dream to join the Avengers, everything. But most importantly, the fact that his mother CANNOT KNOW. They make up a story about a science camp Howard went to. It’s a month, but it’s time. Enough time for Howard to come up with something to tell his mother. But that’s for another time, now he has to make new friends.

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