The Ants go Marching - Pt. 1

'Schools out for the summer; thank god' this was the thought that went through Emily's head. she began to walk back to her home, wanting nothing more than to disappear into her attic room and check on her ant farms. she quickly caught the Train, heading home. She was quiet and kept to herself, even on the train and she made her way back to her Stepmom's home. After an uneventful, and mildly tense evening, Emily excuses herself up to her room. She locks her door and takes a metal helmet out of her closet. "This was at Grandpa Hank's old lab.... and now i'm going to don it once again." Emily slips the helmet on and secures the earpiece over her right ear before closing the helmet up. "My second time using this.... I'm sure I've gotten better. Emily focuses, and starts to try and command the Ants on her desk. she concentrates for several minutes, and manages to get the Ants to crawl into a circular formation, and they marched in a circle around the desk. Emily's smile was hidden behind her mask. and as the sun set she pulled what some people might consider to be a motorcycle suit. she pulled that on over a tank top and shorts, then she opened her window, closing it partially once she was outside. "It's Hero Time! I'm gonna be just like my dad!" she declared quietly, slipping off the Roof of her house and climbing down the tree in her backyard. She ran off towards the rest of the city to begin her nighttime hero work.

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