The Ants Go Marching - Pt. 2

Emily headed into the city, a small army of ants following her underground. "Jeez.... it'd be so much easier to get around if I could ride the ants like a horse or something. Maybe I'll be able to figure out how to shrink one day," Emily quietly mused as she walked through Central Park. It was night time and she was sure that SOMEWHERE in Central Park there had to be some kind of mugging or other illegal activity for her to foil. She eventually stopped to rest on a park bench. She looked around and saw a young woman being held at knife point by a thug; his motorcycle was parked on the grass next to him.

"Give me all your valuables if you want to keep your life!" he said in a vaguely menacing way.

Emily stood up. "Ha! not on my watch!" She ran over towards the woman who was in fear of her life and the thug. "Stop right there Criminal Scum! I won't allow you to commit crime in this city!"

The thug turned his knife on Emily. "Oh really? How exactly do you plan to stop me?" He sneered at her.

Emily smiled, but it was hidden under her helmet. "Like this..." Emily pointed at the thug and after a tiny shaking of dirt, ants began to rush up from the ground and crawl onto the guy.

He started to freak out and swatted at the ants, but there were too many. He dropped the knife and fell backwards, trying to crawl away from the ants until his back was up against a tree. "W-what the hell!? Are you some kind of Ant Queen or something!?"

Emily smirked. "Yes, yes I am." Emily then walked up and punched the guy, knocking him out. She turned to look at the young woman. "Call the police, they can pick this guy up.

The girl looked at Emily and asked, "Who are you?"

Emily smiled. "It's like he said, I'm Ant Queen." Emily then began to jog away and her ants dispersed, going back underground. 'My first crime stopping! Yes! That was awesome!' Emily celebrated quietly, looking for another crime she could stop, after all the night was young and now she was pumped up.

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