Small Favors and Crepes

Gwen was soaked, smelly and had lost her mask. Even after an extra hot shower and double back her soaking uniform so it didn’t stink up the room Gwen went to bed in a foul mood. Then … to her horror Bonneville made the news! Every. News. Feed.
There wasn’t any channel not replaying footage or people speculating about the return of the Avengers, the return of Meta’s and the return of Mutants. People were losing their minds. Gwen didn’t even bother looking on her phone.

The single bright spot in all this was everyone was ignoring the blue and red object ping-ponging everything in the background. Gwen thought she should have felt jilted about being ignored or upset this was her introduction to the world as The Scarlet Spider. Honestly, she was relieved. Her secret was safe and damn that was close call.

The real bummer was the loss of her mask and the total destruction of her belt, which to a teenage with limit funds and access to serious tech, was a major loss. Luckily it was Saturday so as Gwen blearily brushed her teeth with a most irritated expression she worked on forming a mental list of the things she was going to need.

~Not how I wanted to spend my Saturday.~ Gwen mentally griped as she shuffled into the kitchen, wondering where her mother was. The answer was apparently on the fridge.

Left early, emergency photo shoot. Be home later. Left you some money for pizza. Love Mom.

“Really Mom? Pizza … for breakfast.” Gwen said flatly. She loved her mom but sometimes … would pancakes have hurt? With strawberries and whip cream? “God I want pancakes now,” Gwen said taking the wad of money of the table and shuffled back to her room to change. “Pancakes first … then some shopping for parts.” She nodded happily with her forming plan. “Ooh wait, wait.” Gwen stopped dead as a new thought can to her “… CREPES.” That was an even better plan.

Still, it was going to be some time before she would be able to cruise the city as Scarlet Spider again. Even with all the parts, there was all that sewing and machining and oh the soldering. At least she would get crepes to help ease the pain. Thankfully that meant no run-ins with Bonneville and his cousin with the rocking red leather jacket.

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