Mean Green Fighting Machine - Pt1

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Gwen watched the choppers with unease. She was getting that tingly feeling in her head … so that meant she was either getting a head cold or something was wrong, but she didn’t know what. “So uhh, who called SHIELD,” Gwen asked, stamping out the nervousness in her voice. She still couldn’t help but eye the black choppers hawkishly. The girl just could not place what was off about this! Maybe it was just her bias.

“Uhh...Sam?” Erik reached for Thunderstrike, but realized it was back at the compound…shit…he looked where the portal had been and wondered how far exactly his reach to the mace would extend. “Not me b t dubs..”

“Are we fighting?” Niko asked, genuinely curious.

Erik gave a look back to David, trying to gauge his emotions and making a hard guess, “Probably.”

Sam gripped his shield tight as he tried to count how many total people they were up against. "This isn't me, I swear," he sternly responded. "We have to get him out of here. What's the plan?" He looked to Theo again.

“If I could maybe…uhhh offer a suggestion?” Erik looked back to Sam then David then Theo then Gwen then Niko, then Sam again then David just to be sure there wasn’t any green on him, “maybe we move David out of here? Sorry for talking about you in the uhh third person David…” he offered, mostly thinking of the collateral damage.

Sam snapped into action, deciding that no more time could be wasted. He didn't know who these people were, but it didn't matter; they weren't taking David anywhere. "Niko, grab David and take him somewhere hidden outside of town as far and fast as you can. Gwen, get on top of that water tower and web up their back rotors. We can't let them uncontrollably come down and risk hurting anyone below, but it will hinder their mobility. Theo, help her bring them down slowly and disable them completely the moment they touch down. Erik, you and I will take them out as they exit. We keep the fight focused on US, got it?" Sam looked to the group for confirmation.

“Kicking some SHIELD ass? I’m all in!” Niko said. “David, you’re going to want to breathe through your nose for this.” Niko went to take a running start, but something in the boy’s eyes made him stop short. “Uh-oh.”

David was breathing through his nose all right, heavily. “I’m not going with them,” he repeated, his voice getting deeper and more gravely.

Erik began to pickup on the tension in David’s tone, “Hey David? It’s going to be okay.” He looked to the others for confirmation but also couldn’t help but show the worry on his own face.

"David, I know this is all happening fast, but please, you really have to trust us right now," Sam said, placing his hands on David's shoulders as the winds began to whip around them, the three remaining airborne helicopters looming closer. "We are getting you out of here, but you've got to work with us, bud."

David shrugged Sam’s hands off his shoulders and backed up protectively until his back hit the dumpster. “Last warning!” He told the interlopers as his hands balled into tight fists. “Back off! You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!” David backed up further, a snarl on his lips and a wild look in his eye.

“All right; we’re out.” Niko decided, and in a flash, he and David disappeared.

“Sam are you SURE about the tail rotors? Without them they will most definitely crash,” Gwen said, making sure she heard right. She wasn’t planning on educating Sam on the aerodynamics of helicopters. Maybe she just assumed he knew what he was talking about.

The wind whipped harder as three choppers finished forming up around them in the air. Their doors slid open and men leaned out, brandishing large automatic weapons. Sam gripped his shield tight, "They'll crash slower, it buys time for Theo to finish bringing them to a safe place!" He tried to continue, but he spotted a gunman from the landed chopper taking aim. Sam took a quick side step toward Theo and raised his shield, stopping the bullets from hitting her.


The down thrust from the helicopters' rotating propellers had Theo’s cape gusting in a glorious gale. It also sent her unbound hair into a flurry around her face. Fuck, that must be why Wanda wore the wimple. Well, Theo wouldn’t make this mistake again. From now on it was wimples all the way. She was spitting out hair and brushing it from her eyes when Sam’s shield deflected a round of automatic weapons fire. At this proximity, the sound of the impact against his shield was much louder than she’d expected; not that she expected to be shot at. If she’d gone to any of the training sessions she might have been more prepared for that. She gave Sam a foolish smile while her fingers were dancing amid pink magical wisps. She stepped out from behind the shield and fired off a barrage of horizontal portals. The first formed around the rotor mast of the nearest helicopter and instantly closed, severing the prop from the chassis. As the untethered spinning blades of death careened towards Erik at velocity, a second portal opened below the disabled helicopter and it collapsed into a hole in the sky.

“Or you could do that,” Gwen said, impressed.

"Shit I'll…" Erik reached a hand out and waited for a moment as nothing happened. He realized that he had left Thunderstrike on the island back in New York. "...shiiiittt," he added softly as the blade came toward him. He raised both arms as the blade cut closer to him and slammed down into then, hoping beyond hope that he could stop it. The blade dented at his fists and slowly began to curl around to him, stopping at his shoulder and waist as the metal stopped at his skin. It skittered behind him and he looked just as shocked as any other onlookers.

“My turn!” Gwen said bounding off Sam’s shield, web slinging toward a chopper. “This isn't a good idea. Not a good idea at all … so why are you doing it ding dong … maybe cuz you don’t have a better plan? Sure but why are we listening to Sam? This is a bad idea! Reasons?” Gwen muttered her discontent. “Right maybe I’m wrong maybe this will ..” She continued swinging with practiced ease to the back side of the chopper and firing off a wad of webbing at the rear rotor. “ … wor-NOT WORKING NOT WORKING!!!” Gwen said suddenly panicking as the Chopper started spinning uncontrollably toward Gwen. She didn’t move fast enough and she hit the front of the chopper and clung to it like a bug smashed to a windshield screaming before letting go and was flung off away from the chopper as it crashed.

Sam yelled to Theo, “Get another portal ready!”

“They know I can do more than portals, right?” Theo mumbled to herself between morsels of her mane.

Sam rushed ahead and threw his shield full force at the fourth chopper’s tail, severely denting it and causing one of the gunners hanging off the side to fall off in the rattle. He was able to power slide on his knees and catch the shield as it fell from the sky. He quickly restrapped it and headed toward Gwen.

“Holy shit!” Niko said, flickering back into sight. “We ARE fighting SHIELD? Badass! Also, David was right. I do not like him when he’s angry.” There was a roar from behind the tree line that echoed followed by a thump that rattled the glass windows. “That’s David. Being angry.”

"I'm," Erik started nervously, "I'm going to help David." He began to run away from the group and jumped with a single leap across the street into the forest.

“I’m going to go watch Erik get himself killed, and maybe try and stop that from happening.” Niko decided before flashing off.

“But…” Theo couldn’t even get the thought out before Niko was gone. “Dammit, Niko!” She turned back to look at the three landed choppers; two had been rendered inoperable in the air and set down hard, the third had a chance of lifting off again without undergoing serious repairs. The fourth was nowhere to be found and Theo didn’t like to tell where she sent those things for which she no longer had any use.

“On your feet, Gwen,” Theo beckoned the girl over with her hand. “Form up and don’t let them shoot you or we’ll get in trouble. Sam Rogers, I’m sorry if you recognize any of these men as buddies from SHIELD, but you’re either with us or with them. Now let’s go.”

Theo moved in closer to the downed whirlybirds as a man in a black suit stepped from the undamaged chopper. He held his hands up after lifting his jacket to show his clear waste and that he was unarmed. “Please forgive,” he started, looking briefly at one of his men. “Agent Rivera was not authorized to discharge his weapon. He will remain in the helicopter and we will discuss his transgression later. We have no wish to harm you or be harmed by you in return." The suited man looked between the three heroes; one was a masked child, or looked as such. The other had taken the lead and wore a silly cape, but she wasn’t much larger than the webslinger. The third was tall and a man and looked much like the renowned Captain America, albeit younger. The man in the black suit smiled and looked around the scene, but there were no signs of David Banner.

Sam moved to the left and flanked the man as he spoke to Theo. He continued to scan the choppers, trying to figure out how many men they were still dealing with and what they brought to play with. Regardless, they needed to keep the focus on them and give David time to get away and calm down.

“We’re looking for someone potentially dangerous,” the suited man said, as another two came out of the choppers, the lead man waving them both down. As if on cue, David roared again. “Remarkably dangerous.” Two of the men carried M203 grenade launchers underslung on their weapons and wore gas mask attachments on their kevlar combat helmets. “We’ve dealt with this sort of thing before; it would be best if you all stand down and let us handle this.”


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