Mean Green Fighting Machine - Pt 2

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“Heya Foster-Thorson? I’ve seen David, and I don’t think he’s feeling chatty. I think he’s feeling more rip your arms from your body and use them like pinwheels.” Theo loved pinwheels when they were kids, but then Niko got fast and pinwheels were torn apart in seconds. Focus, Niko. The earth trembled under his feet, and he could hear trees falling in the forest. “He’s here…” He said in his best Carol-Anne voice. “Time to go, Seggr!” He pushed on the demi-god to zip him off, but Erik dug in his heels. He wasn’t budging.

Erik grimaced a bit as he held against the speedster, "Niko...I'm going to be honest; I don't fully have a plan, but - he needs help and…" the sound of a tree crashing brought his attention back to the woods, "I have a feeling I'm the only one who can do that safely right now." He put a hand on Niko's shoulder as something cleared the treeline in front of them, "You just gotta tru-.”

David, if that’s what he still answered to, all 8 foot tall, green and massive, bounded through the trees into the clearing where Erik stood, letting out a roar that set off car alarms hundreds of yards away. Niko nervously glanced between the son of Thor as he clung to his shirt shoulder and the green machine that was charging towards them, ready to -- well, he’d figure that part out when he needed to. “Shit,” Niko swore. He couldn’t just let Foster-Thorson get killed, and he made it clear he wasn’t leaving. “Fuck me.” He zipped ahead between the two. “HEY!” He shouted at the top of his lungs. “KNOCK IT OFF! I BOUGHT YOU A CHEESEBURGER! AND I WANTED THAT CHEESEBURGER, BUT I GAVE IT TO YOU ANYWAY! SO GIVE ME A BREAK!”

The monster continued to charge at Niko and Erik leaned into a full sprint on his own, determined now to end the fighting hopefully before anything else started. Niko was in the way, Thunderstrike was more than halfway across the country, and he had the extent of a long afternoon’s worth of actual combat training. But damn if he was going to let Niko get squashed on his account; not Niko or anyone else, this had to be his. Now at a full clip he leapt just above Niko’s head and tried to throw a shoulder into the charging David.

“That -- was pretty awesome,” Niko admitted. He’d planned on dodging out of the way; like most things, Hulk David was slow, and he cringed as David collided with Thorson’s shoulder; two immovable objects smashing into each other. The crunch sound alone was enough to make him wince.

Erik’s attack had all been stopped dead in the air, and he felt like he had hit a brick wall, although in all fairness he'd probably have knocked down a brick wall. He got up to his feet and for the first time felt soreness in his shoulder. He gave it a cautious roll as the world came back from it's fuzziness.

Shaking it off quickly, David the Hulk growled and gnashed his teeth at the demi-god.

“We should go now, Foster-Thorson….” Niko warned in a sing song voice. “Now…”

Erik looked to Niko then to David and he gritted his teeth. "I can… I can still do this I think. We can't let him hurt people or get hurt." He looked again to the young hulk and mentally winced at his own inability to put even a dent in his attack. He could stop him, maybe, but he had to reach the kid inside.

"Go regroup and make sure the others are okay. I'm going to try…" He exhaled as he felt a little unsure, but mostly silly for what he was going to suggest. "I'm going to try to talk to him."

Niko raised an eyebrow warily.

Erik nodded softly back, “I know.”

With a sigh and a bad feeling, Niko sped off and Erik’s attention went fully to David. “Alright...David I know you’re in there,” he started as he began his approach softly to the beast. “Now if we can just talk this one out...”


Sam faintly heard a monstrous roar above the sound of the damaged, grounded choppers and the commotion on the street by the townsfolk, curiously gossiping to each other. He desperately hoped that this welcome party couldn't detect the same and did his best to focus on the conversation at hand and not let his face reveal his concern. Sam took a small step forward and replied to the suited man. “Wow, what a coincidence, we were just about to ask you to do the same thing,” he said with a small chuckle. Nine men, Sam counted, including the suited man and agent Rivera. Sam tallied the number of paces it would take to reach Rivera. He seemed to have an itchy trigger finger and he’d have to be the first to be taken down. “I’m getting the feeling whoever it is you’re looking for isn’t so keen on leaving with you. And I can’t say I blame them.”

“I’m getting the feeling you don’t know exactly what you’re dealing with, son. You can flash Captain America’s colors all you want, but that shield won’t do jack shit with what you’re up against. And to be clear? I’m not asking,” said the suited man.

“Wow, isn’t it weird how full of coincidences today is?” Sam looked over to Gwen.

(Response from Gwen - could do a call back to Tony and Rhodey at the airport, but your call)

Sam turned back to the man, “I would have thought by the way we forced you to land, you would have figured out we weren’t asking either.”

“That’s enough,” Theo said to Sam. She took a few more steps forward towards the men in the choppers, always trying to position herself ahead of Sam. “We didn’t come here to fight you; we don’t even know who you are. But you seem to know something of the loud rumble maker in the woods. Assuming you have his best interests at heart, you wouldn’t mind telling us how you came to be on his trail and what your stake is in all this. Perhaps we can help one another. I’m Theodosia Maximoff - and you are?”

“Kurt Eckart, DEC. We were hoping to contain the situation before it became a situation - seems we’re a bit late. We were looking for --” he cued up a picture of David on a small tablet. “This boy. And we know he was in this area, and it sounds like -- ” There was another roar in the distance -- “he isn’t far off.” He motioned for his men in the direction the sound was coming from.

Sam made a swift side step to block their path and looked to Theo for a plan. He was starting to get anxious, knowing that each roar could signal Niko and Erik being really hurt or worse. But he trusted in them and knew he had to give them as much time as possible.

“Listen, we tried to --”

“Try harder, Kurt Eckart,” Theo interjected. “You haven’t given us any actionable information. Until we get some satisfactory responses from you, we can’t allow you or your men to set off anywhere. What does the Department of Environmental Conservation want with our quarry? How did you track him to this location? What do you plan to do with him?”

“Department of - what?” Eckart started to ask. Niko flickered into sight, several of the DEC operatives being upended in the speedster’s wake. “We should evacuate the diner,” He told Sam. “Foster-Thorson is trying to talk with David Banner, and David Banner is more in the mood to smash things.” He turned to Theo. “He’s angrier than you were when you tried that no-carb thing and found out you couldn’t eat Lucky Charms. If there are people here they’re not safe. Ghost Spider Girl, how strong is your sticky web? Maybe if we can slow him down -- That’s all I got.”

Theo rubbed her belly, remembering just how hungry she’d been for months at a time on that diet. And it had all been for nothing because Niko never had any intentions of letting her attend that year’s Junior High dance. Sure, technically she wasn’t a student of that school, never had been, and was sixteen years old at the time, but there were no rules against that sort of thing. She just wanted to look prettier than any of the other girls and dance in a new dress that was two sizes too small for her. “Oh my god that was bad. They put carbs in everything. Lucky Charms should be made from Irish protein then we’d all have been happy. Hey maybe that’s all Banner needs. Has Thorson tried giving him some protein?”


‘David’ attacked with a flurry of fists, each one striking just a bit harder than the last. He uprooted a small tree, swinging it around in a circle at the boy trying to reason with him. But at the moment, there was no reasoning with David. There was no thought process, just white hot rage and rampaging and only one thing standing in his way.

Erik barely jumped out of the way as another overhead slam rocked the earth where he once stood. He had tried to approach the situation calmly, but was running into some… difficulties breaking through. "Davi-Davos it's me, Erik! Remember? Awkward blonde kid from the dumpster? We were going to get-" he was cut off again by another large series of charging swings, clearing the tree that Erik had found himself backed against not a moment before.

He picked his head off the forest floor and spit a piece of dirt out of his mouth. At least no one but him would get hurt this way, he thought. He didn't particularly like thinking it, but he needed Thunderstrike right about now. By now he knew what it felt like to call it to himself, if only barely, but from over half of the continental United States was a bit of a jump up from across his bedroom. How the hell was he supposed to know how it even worked? The strength was fine, but he never felt as tired as when he used it and then there was the whole unregulated strength thing with Niko and the wall and - a grasp at his foot brought his mind back as he realized he had been crawling away rather than running.

Another roar sent Erik cracking into a tree, sending chunks of wood and splinters flying. The Asgardian groaned again as the rest of the tree began to creak and indicate that it was about to give way. "Come on David, we can just talk this out," he started to catch his breath again, "Just need to calm-" David screamed again in rage and began charging toward him.

He was tired, and definitely hurting which was a newer sensation from the last few days that he wasn't a fan of. But David didn't seem to be listening to words so maybe if he could incapacitate him somehow…

The tree behind him began to splinter further and a plan hatched into his brain. Hopefully Isacc Newton wouldn’t mind a bit of upping the ante on Erik’s part. As the tree fell Erik grabbed the splintered upper half and brought it straight down onto the form of David. The wood cleared cleanly around him but as he moved through the younger parts of the top, the elder pieces of the trunk proved a bit more resilient. It was only a moment that David was stuck but Erik took the advantage. He pushed forward, with the pressure on David’s side keeping him pinned the young Hulk soon found himself moving back in the opposite direction. He savaged away a few more feet of wood but not before he had collided with more trees in the back. Erik gritted his teeth and silently hoped that he might be able to knock out David to get him to see sense.

Each smack of tree brought David closer through the wood, closer to Erik as his rage threw spittle and splinter into the half-asgaridian’s face. It only took two blinks but soon the beast was within arm's length of Erik as David clawed away at the last bit of the tree trunk. Erik thought to do something, anything to shake off David by his mind went blank as the large green hand enveloped his head and in a sudden shift of momentum he was bounced into the ground and then going by his feet high above the treeline.

He regained his vision at just about the peak of his trajectory. He was uncertain what way he was actually falling at first and panicked, spinning himself around in a spiral as he now came within sight to the group standing by the diner. With a solid crashing of metal and cement Erik landed directly into another dumpster.

For a moment there was no movement from the body now impacted into the dumpster, but after a while a small groan could be heard followed by Erik’s tired voice saying, “I think...I think I’m making progress…”

“You -- are not.” Niko offered, helpfully. “But you’re keeping him busy.”

“Seggr, are you okay?” Sam shouted, attempting to start using their mission names. He had never felt this level of energy surge within him. Every sense was on ten. He counted running paths, surfaces to ricochet his shield, spots of cover and exits, all in an instant. Sam knew that if Erik was here, the hell that was following with was going to start something massive and he needed to do whatever he needed to keep his friends and the townspeople safe.

Things didn’t sound like they were going well at all with Erik’s approach to Banner. Theo gave a quick look over her shoulder to the downed Erik. Hopefully they weren’t responsible for the cost of damages to the dumpster. “Thorson, why didn’t you blow your rape whistle? I’d have come for you.” And Theo was trying to decide what to do about the armed men who were after the monster in the woods. And in the woods was probably the best place to keep that thing or the townsfolk of O'Neill, Nebraska - all 3,935 of them - would be in danger.

Erik could only manage another groan as he raised himself up from the dumpster wreck. "That's...ugh look I'll be fine, but...we need to keep him out of this town." He looked over the group, "Someone's got a plan, right?"

Sam looked from Erik to Theo, hoping she would respond quickly.

“I have a plan,” Theo confirmed, as if she’d been asked whether or not she remembered to bring a #2 pencil to a school test. “Gwen, you’re sticky, right? See if you can snatch some ID or credentials from the helicopter guys. Maybe see what you can do about those guns. Rogers, you have the shield; make sure these townies are protected. They haven’t seen superheroes in fifteen years so they’re going to try crowding the plate. Don’t be afraid to throw a few inside, but no fouls. Erik Seggr Foster Thorson… Honey... Sometimes these things just need a woman’s touch.” Magic lanced through her upheld fingers as she wiggled them in the air. “I think I’ll tag in and try my hand at giving David Banner the talk. Don’t worry, I have a way of getting into young mens’ heads, remember? My Niko, might need you for a speedy getaway if things don’t go my way.” Theo looked around to the members of the team. “Did I miss anyone?”

“Zoom zoom,” Niko replied with a grin.

"On it." Sam quickly replied, running toward the crowd outside of the diner.

"Wait, you not going can't take him on alone. And what am I supposed to do?" Erik asked incredulously, still sitting in the dumpster.

Theo spared a glance over her shoulder at the blackclad Helimen. “Well first, you climb out of that dumpster this minute and wipe yourself off. Gods don’t smell like garbage. And second, you should know by now,” Theo tapped a finger against her temple, “I’m never alone. Let’s get to smashing, Niko!” Theo jumped up in the air in a sitting position and trusted her cousin was ready to bolt. Or this was just going to be embarrassing.


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