OOC - Brief History of the Game

In 2019 this game ran from January to October, at which point we all took a break and set things aside for a much needed hiatus. And now, nearly a year later, I’m back to remove and stow away the white furniture coverings, to dust things off and put out the call to players old and new. It’s time for the Avengers to Assemble once more.

Wait. Wait. No, Mister trumpet blowing fanfare guy, that’s not your cue. Before we start kicking bad guy ass, let’s go over a few things. And before I tell you about a handful of changes to the previous storyline, let’s get this next bit right out in the open.

In our ten month run we ‘only’ compiled 162 posts which doesn’t seem like a lot, but once you begin reading them I think you’ll see the reason for that low post count. We often wrote in collaborative style (Joint Post) with everyone writing in one shared Google Doc file. This took longer due to players’ schedules and to keep things fair and balanced we naturally gravitated towards something resembling a turn basis, but the result was a more fluid flow of events, especially during combat. Having been part of it, I can assure you it worked and we were all writing several times each week. So why do I bother pointing this out? Because I don’t want you to look at the post count or the length of the posts and become discouraged. The length of each character’s contribution is determined by the player and compiled into the larger Google Doc as a part of the whole. This game neither moves too quickly nor drags and lingers on one group of characters while your own may be denied his or her fair attention in some other scene. Things move along at the exact pace our group of players feels comfortable with. The beauty of the shared Google Doc is that you can fill in your areas of interaction as you’re able, even if the others find themselves online at the same time writing in your absence. You do you, and we will make it work.

The Discord channel for Avengers: Exodus.

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