OOC - Style of the Game

Which brings me to our style of writing. We try to use spell check and proper grammar, but none of us are professional authors. Yes, we can get long winded when we are having fun. And that’s okay. Our goal is not to rush something out, not to push something in the story further or faster than it needs to be pushed. We don’t have an ‘Enemy of the Week’ that must be defeated. We have an overarching storyline that allows us to write in-depth stories that focus on character development and team building. Yes, we write our characters training and improving their abilities, but if your character is little more than a set of super powers looking for a target at which to aim them, you won’t be happy writing with us. Take the time to invest words and thoughts to your character so that we may do the same. You get what you put in.

It’s almost time for that fanfare. Almost...

In flavor, our game will draw heavily from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and only lightly from the comics, but for our purposes, some of the events that were depicted in either source did not go down as you saw or read. Think of the movies (and comics to a lesser degree) as being “based on actual events.” Where the actions and occurrences depicted in our game are the actual events. For example - in our game, Quicksilver was injured, but not killed in Sokovia as he was in the Age of Ultron movie. All hail Age of Ultron. In our game, Scarlet Witch took action to prevent the Infinity War before it ever got started, but at great cost to all supers, mutants, enhanced, etc in this universe. Another way to look at it is that I will pick and choose events and portions of stories from canon (MCU & Comics) to include in this game. I will always give you enough information to either know what is happening, or to know you stand a good chance of changing it, but you should not assume that the past or future leading up to those moments and falling off in their wake will transpire as they did in the movies or in the Comics.

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