Not dressed like that you're not

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Niko seethed. First he was tossed out of bed, rousing him from an endearing dream involving a dark haired beauty and a blonde physically fighting over him. Clothes were being torn, hair was being pulled, and the now near naked brunette crashed into him, sending him tumbling to the ground. Only he really was tumbling to the ground, causing the girls to vanish and him to splay out on the cold wooden floor. He was literally tossed, as in one side of his bed lifted off the ground. Grumbling, he went to find Theo to tattle on the Sanctum, and he didn’t need to look far, opening the door led him right to the room she was sitting in, but what was she wearing? No, no, even the girls in his dream were clothed more than that. Theo’s outfit likely would have been deemed illegal in their small New Hampshire town, and worst of all, apparently Theo was angry with him.

Getting tossed the remote to the TV brought his attention to the screen, which he was thankful for, he certainly didn’t want to picture his cousin in that manner. What he did see while diverting his eyes were images of himself on the strange TV. He reflected for a vain moment on how the light caught his silver hair just right, then let out a frustrated huff. What was so wrong? He went out. Even in New Hampshire, night time was his. Day was for school lessons and training, and playing games and for Theo. He never regretted it, never resented it for a moment. He was older. He made a promise to his father and a silent promise to Theo’s mother that she’d never want for anything while he was around, and he made that his mission. But night time, while she slept and dreamed of what he hoped were gingerbread houses and sweet nothings, that’s when he let loose.

There was no Agatha Harkness for Niko. No one charged with helping him with his powers, but then again he didn’t need help, did he? He was fast. Cut and dry, he understood it from the onset, he was built for it. And yes, over time he grew even faster and he even learned of physics and things that could help, but for the most part it was who he was. He was letting off steam. Besides, the Ghost Spider had antagonized him. She struck first. She was every bit as much a part of it… except maybe for the subway bit which, by the way, would have been hilarious had Theo not been so angry.

But angry she was, and the pain of that stung worse than the cold water of the East River, colder than cuts from a thousand icicles. She was angry at him and lashing out. He couldn’t see her as anything past the ten-year-old in pigtails, and he certainly did NOT want any men ogling her dressed like… like… He stopped himself mid-thought. The corset was her mothers and Niko had more respect for her than to think anything derogatory. But one thing was clear...

“You are NOT leaving the house like that!” Niko shouted, not even sure if Theo could hear him. Leaving the TV room, he found himself not in his bedroom, but in a formal dining room.

“My mother wore far less than this to face the entire planet with Uncle Pietro right by her side. I think you can stand by my side while I talk to a few news people. Or I could lose the pants if it’s too much.” Her voice came out of the framed painting of some stuffy family that overlooked the dining room table. Neither Theo or Niko much liked the look of that family and tried to avoid this room as often as possible. That Niko found himself here now was probably the house’s way of being an ass.

Niko hung his head back, looking at the ceiling. News people? “They won’t hear a word you’re saying because they’ll be too busy staring at your…” he balked, trying to choose his words carefully. “Outfit.”

“You don’t think I can keep their attention long enough to set the scene for what’s to come? Why are we here in New York if we aren’t going to level with them? They’ve got it in their heads that Quicksilver is back and we need to get ahead of this.” She was scratching at her ribs where the damn corset rubbed her wrong. Be strong Theo. Wear the skanky top long enough to make your point. Don’t cave.

Niko zipped out of the dining room, entering a bathroom, a hallway he’d never seen leading to a spiral staircase that when followed led up to the formal dining room with the creepy family, causing him to once again cuss the house and the way it arranged itself. “You obviously don’t have a sister.” He said directly to the Sanctum. “A pretty little Condo maybe? You want some apartment complex drooling because she leaves her curtains open? Help me out here.” At the bottom of the stairs, he now found the hallway leading to his room. Theo would cave. All he had to do was call her bluff. There was no way Theo would want to go in public, let alone on national TV wearing something so revealing.

He’d showered the night before to wash the events and the river off himself, but now he dragged his heels on getting ready, hoping by the time he finished Theo would have cooled off and changed.

Theo was tugging at the laces when she saw the hallways realign. She quickly ran her hands through her hair to tease it up instead. “Don’t try to change my mind, Niko. Mom must have been the same size as me because I don’t even need to break this thing in. If anything it fits too well.” She looked down at the tops of her boobs, more like everything but the bottoms of her boobs. Was she really going to do this? How had Mom pulled this off day in and day out? Seriously, how’d she keep herself stuffed in without some sort of tape? Theo readjusted the leather encasing her chest like a homemade sausage. Crap, this wasn't going to work. Maybe Mom was a size smaller.

“You don’t see me wearing my dad’s underwear.” He grumbled to no one in particular. Niko pulled on a pair of black running pants, and as Theo asked, a red and silver shirt which clung to him. He looked for one which would be baggy, just to send a message back to his cousin about modesty, but Niko rarely if ever bought anything in his true size, let alone anything red. What kind of speedster would want to wear such a bright, flashy color? He took his time putting on socks and lacing up his sneakers.

“Damnit, Niko, now I have to change. You’re making me feel self conscious and this thing needs to be resized. Ooh we could stop at a tailors on the way to the NEWS station. There’s a leather and feather shop right on the way. I already dropped a pin on them in my maps app.” She gave the wall of the hallway a quick tap and her bedroom door came speeding along on her left. She was getting pretty good at that. She stepped inside her room and up to the vanity and it’s mirror. She looked hot. Like all the way smokin’ hot. But she felt completely ridiculous now. She began tugging at the taught cords along her sternum. She pulled harder, but they wouldn’t budge. She dropped her hands and stared at her reflection. “Niko!” she shouted, “Have you got a knife?”

“A knife? What for?” He asked, zipping to where the kitchen should be, but the kitchen was now the dining room. “Oh come on!” He called impatiently, once again speeding past the creepy family. On the other side of the dining room was now the hallway to Theo’s bedroom.

“I’m trying to wear something else! I can’t get this thing off. Stupid mom,” she mumbled under her breath. She could magic it off, but she wasn’t keen to point her magic directly at her own bosom. She’d never done something like that before.

Niko leaned in her doorframe and brought his fist to his mouth to suppress a chuckle, then cleared his throat. “Did you get yourself stuck and need to be cut out of that thing, Miskja Brat?”

“Seriously Niko?” She huffed at her cousin and threw her brush at him. “Now you want to make a joke after you already made me feel like a kurvjă after making a spectacle of yourself last night? You know what, forget it, I’ll just wear it and if I pass out from embarrassment or hyperventilation I’m sure there will be plenty of young men dying to catch me. I heard Terry Crews is in town.” Theo stormed past her cousin and slammed the door behind her, with him still on the other side.

“Theo wait…” He called, opening the door to her room to find himself again in the fucking dining room. “I hope you burn.” He muttered to the Sanctum, as he zipped off to find his cousin. The next door he opened led to the front step where Theo was waiting. “I’m sorry,” He said sincerely, “For yesterday. It was reckless and I wasn’t thinking and you’re not a kurvjă. Not even close. Terry Crews should be so lucky as to meet you. I messed up.”

She gave her cousin a scrutinous look. Was he being serious or just placating? Shit she couldn’t tell. Better keep up the venom then. “We’ll see Nikolai Maximoff. Maybe you are right and this isn’t the way a witch should dress, but it didn’t keep the world from taking her seriously, so maybe, just maybe they’ll be able to look past my,” she thumped herself in the chest with both hands, “and listen to the words I have for them.”

“Or maybe you should show them that you aren’t Scarlet Witch, Theodosia Maximoff. And let them know they should take you seriously instead for who you are.” He looked at the ground, feeling like a puppy who’d been hit with a rolled up newspaper before absently kicking at a pebble which due to the velocity of his foot went sailing and set off a car alarm.

Well that sure wasn’t the way to end this fight on friendly terms. Theo chewed her bottom lip as she eyed her cousin, daring him to look up and face her. Niko was growing impatient. He wasn’t Quicksilver. He didn’t delude himself thinking he would be, and she wasn’t Scarlet Witch. She was Theo. His father’s words replayed in his head, wrenching his gut.

“Scarlet Witch screwed some things up. Yeah I get it,” she began.

“You don’t get it Theo,” he interrupted. “Don’t do this. Please.”

Theo tilted her head to the side and placed a hand on his cheek. “I know you want to keep me safe, Niko. I know the easiest way to do that is to keep me a child because children don’t square off against the big baddies of the world. But I’m a woman now, I have been for a while. At first I was wearing this to tick you off because I was mad at you. But the more I think about it, the more I should keep this on. We’re going to be making some waves with what we’re doing and I’d rather the world see me like this than as a child. You almost had me, though. Come on, we can stop by Heather’s Leather, Pleather and Feather on the way so she can loosen these knots. I’ll pick something else out from the shop, something not from Mom’s costume drawer and then we’ll go talk to the folks about what they think they know of the Maximoffs.”

Niko swore in Sokovian and kicked a stone for real as he realized he’d lost the battle. The small rock sailed through three car windows up the block. He swore again and trailed a step behind, still dragging his heels. “Angry,” he said under his breath. “Not mad, angry.”

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