OOC - Players Wanted - Bring your "A" Game

So what type of character are we looking for? The short answer? If you’ve read through the existing posts and sheets for current characters in the game, you have a good idea of what we’re looking for. And in general, if you try to ‘fit the mold’ and don’t try to push the boundaries of what’s allowed, you’ll fit into the margins of acceptable character type by default. But there’s always a longer answer. I don’t want to tell you which character to play or create (or which not to), but there are some guidelines to which you’ll need to adhere.

• Your character will be between the age of 15 and 25 years old, as 15 years ago the established heroes were lost. That means the ABSOLUTE oldest you could have been when your parents disappeared is 10, assuming that parent was a hero or superpowered or enhanced, etc. Looks like you were orphaned or adopted. I’m not too worried about who adopted you, but please don’t everyone say they were adopted by rich people and therefore had no hardships growing up.

• If one or both of your parents was not super powered or a mutant or enhanced, they may not have been lost. Which means maybe you were raised by your entirely human, non heroic, non superpowered remaining parent(s). Which means your parent(s) had no idea how to instruct you on the use of your powers. So you are either just now discovering those powers or you’ve somehow managed to muddle through on your own and grasp a tentative control over a few of those powers. Which means we aren’t playing apex superheroes who are operating at their maximum potential. Nor are we playing a superhero academy where there will be lessons in which we teach and learn to improve our abilities. That will happen through gameplay, written training or allusions to training in the case of Theo. :)

• Heroes are currently being recruited by Theodosia Maximoff. She has a tentative list she is following. There is no help-wanted sign, no auditions. You don’t find her; she finds you. So have an idea (subject to approval) of what your character has recently done that has now brought them to the attention of Theodosia Maximoff. If you don’t have a preference or indicate in the background section of your character sheet what that preference is, I will gladly make one up for you, but there are no guarantees you will like it.

• Keep in mind, the team is only recruiting heroes so amnesiac teens won’t be coerced or tricked into joining up and if you’re a thinly veiled villain or undecided which side you’re fighting for, expect to be discovered. And let’s just not take things in that direction because we are not currently recruiting players for villainous roles. In other words, you don’t get to play the bad guy.

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