OOC - Where We Lay our Scene

I know we’re all eager to get started. So that’s what we’re going to do. Read the intentionally shallow update below and if you have any questions, first ask yourself whether it’s a question you the player wish to ask me out of character (OOC) or if it’s something you’d prefer to address in character within the narrative of the game. Also, as ever, if I’m vague in my answer to your question it’s probably because you asked it with too much specificity or I detected (real or perceived) attempts to limit direct replies to be those that serve the questioner's agenda. That’s called the #CYA clause and it’s meant to make my job easier, your job more fun, and keep plenty of mystery in the game. Also, I may not have the answers to everything (yet), but just do not want to admit it. Shit, where’s the delete key…
I’ve decided not to go back and retcon anything. There are some posts with or about characters who are no longer in the game, but we aren’t going to handwave those events out of existence. They happened. On the other hand, if you have forgotten about any of those past events/posts or if you’re new to the game, you won’t be at a disadvantage, because most of those posts in question were for *‘flavor’* more than story progression. Moving forward, if I reference obscure events that I think you may have forgotten or need to be aware of, I’ll try to provide a link to that post. I’m not making this a requirement for anyone so don’t let’s make it too much of an issue. Yeah, there were some past players who the GMs didn’t see eye to eye with, but we aren’t here to shit talk their players or characters or outright render those character interactions nonexistent.
So where did we leave off in our gameplay? We were in the middle of our first mission; to subdue and recruit David Banner. It was not a complete success. Thorson was tossed around and smacked against a few trees, but he was no worse for the wear. Not all DEC agents on the scene thought we’d handled ourselves with the proper amount of professionalism or shown enough respect to their jurisdiction, but I doubt any of us lost any sleep over that particular point. Banner escaped; or rather, we decided the collateral damage and cost to civilian lives was not worth continuing the pursuit. But none of us died, so there’s that. And what did we learn from that encounter? For starters, we learned that Nebraska is a dreadfully dull place to visit. Let’s not go there again. We learned that we needed more work to become an effective team. Looks like Sam was right and we would need more training. Shit, I hate having to type that, but he was right. We also learned that we’d need a team leader; someone to call the shots and plays out in the field. Whether that would be determined by appointment from SHIELD or an official vote or just a general consensus - well that remains to be seen.
The game is set in New York City, but we may move about. The year is 2033 and we are in the late autumn month of November; November 4th to be precise. It’s been four months since the Banner mission, and we haven’t been deployed back into the field. We’ve been training our little tushies off at the upstate compound and seem to be meshing together as a team.

Sam has the team conducting two training sessions daily; paired off or solo and one as a team.

Niko has been known to read two sentences, back to back, from a real book without losing his patience. He still eats like a 10 year old.

Seggr *snicker* is now stringing together two sentences without completely losing confidence in himself. And he looks fabulous.

Little Gwen has an onsite instructor to keep her up to date with her developing education and manages to find time for work on her Voltron suit, as Theo calls it.

As for Theo, she’s - Theo. She still has stars in her eyes for Thorson, has stayed in touch with Jane Foster (who is not doing well) and is currently on more medications than ever before in her life. But she’s maintaining, though Niko has seen these cycles come and go on more than one occasion.

T’Chantem Munroe spends less time at the Compound than any of the team. He’s often gone for weeks at a time to deal with Wakandan matters of state, but he returns frequently enough, giving Theo the opportunity to see for herself that the crown prince of Wakanda is still unmarried - or at least that he wears no wedding band on his finger.

All has been going smoothly - for too long. SHIELD agents are frequently present at the compound, involved daily, but as yet the team has received no further assignments. The team is getting restless. Personal dilemmas are sure to spring up between them if something doesn’t change soon. Theo has been spotted brooding over her shifting list of recruits and when she thinks she’s alone, heard talking softly with Wanda who seems to talk back from time to time. There’s a general feeling of excitement and unease out on the streets and among the general population where talk of new heroes meets talk of past mistakes and fears of future carnage. For 15 years the world hadn’t to contend with the struggles between superheroes and supervillains, and not everyone is pleased to see the lights on again at the Avenger’s Compound. We really need to name that place. And there have been disturbing reports on the news, disseminating cellphone footage of weird shit happening in Greenwich Village. So suit up.

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