A Hard Nock Life

It's been fifteen years since Jack lost his father, Simon Williams aka Wonderman. Wonderman was a West Coast Avenger till he retired. During a Hero party he had a one night stand with a young female hero named Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel (She has stretchy powers). Well one thing led to another and nine months later she began raising her son Jack alone since she became attached to her son and not Simon.

Sadly she ended up with an illness that would end her life early so she arranged for Simon, Jack's father, to take custody of young Jack at age 5. Of course Simon insisted on a paternity test to be sure and after he got the results he agreed to take in Jack, despite not being ready to be a father. Simon was destined to be an eternal bachelor in his mind especially after he became immortal and sterile.

It was an awkward relationship for the two strangers as they struggled to live together. Simon was used to having one night stands and now he had a son that forced a big change in his lifestyle. Luckily Jack began developing his powers around that time and this was the bridge for the father and son to make a connection with each other. By starting young Jack on his path to using his powers, they actually had something to talk to each other about now. As Simon got Jack started down the path to understanding and using his powers their relationship began to deepen - well as deep as a seven year old can manage - and Simon was actually turning out to be a decent dad instead of a dead beat dad. Unfortunately, Jack and his father would not have much time together either - only two short years.

When Jack was only seven, his father and many other heroes vanished from the Earth mysteriously. The loss of his father devastated poor Jack as his trust issues grew even deeper. He never had a chance to say goodbye to either of his parents before they left him and here he was an orphan now. After losing his father, he was raised by his father's Butler, Sebastian Hart, who knew a lot about Wonderman's finances and powers. Sebastian raised Jack who was suffering from trust issues after losing his parents so early. It was a difficult life for Jack growing up in school with no friends. Jack treated Sebastian like an uncle while growing up and it was some relief to have him attend school meetings and events.

With Sebastian's help, Jack invested a lot of time and money investigating the mystery behind the loss of his father. After the years went by Jack got stronger and smarter and did well in school and sports while hiding his powers from others. He was a natural athlete and a promising scholar with a high IQ. Since his dad, Simon, was very wealthy they did not have to worry about finances as he went to advanced schools and took college classes during his high school years instead of making friends and dating. Despite being good looking, smart and rich he was rather awkward around other students which only increased the gap between him and the others. Sadly, poor Jack struggled to make friends or get a girlfriend all the way through college. Since he was very smart he managed to test out of many classes and graduate early. So after four years he managed to earn a few degrees in Science and Business including a Masters in Business and a Doctrine in Molecular Science. He also earned his Private Investigator License on the side. With the help of Sebastian he learned more about his mixed powers and had access to an advanced lab that belonged to his father. After college he decided to see if he could figure out where his father vanished to and use his powers more meaningfully. Since he didn't really need to find a job after college he decided to spend his time looking for clues related to the disappearance of his father. So for the last few weeks, Jack has been roaming the city looking for clues using all manner of equipment in his Escalade SUV. Jack had radar, Electromagnetic scanners, Seismic scanners, metal detectors, Giger Counters, Spectral Scanners, Magic Scanners and a high end mini crime lab in his SUV so he could work on the go while communicating with Sebastian. Since he could not get much data from the last known place his father vanished from, he decided to check out each location the other heroes went missing at. Even with his credentials, he knew he'd only started and this looked to be a long and dragged out process for Jack. It was a good thing he was rich or he would not be able to afford all that equipment and the licenses that went with them.

When he was worn out and tired from negative results, he would stop by a local coffee shop and analyze his results over a $15 cup of coffee and a $10 pastry. True they were more costly than they were worth, but he could afford it and they kept him going. Since he could not work endlessly he would rent a hotel room and rest up before moving on to the next target spot. Occasionally he would get a visit from the police, some criminals or a nosy Nancy and he would try to act professional with them. Sadly he did have to use violence to educate the petty criminals now and then. Despite not finding a lot of good data, Jack still worked hard to search for clues. It irked him that many had given up on the search by that point and since he had time and could afford it he was going to keep on searching and pray for luck, despite not being big into religion.

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