Home Sweet Home

Darius planted both feet firmly down when he got out of the isolated hallway that connects to the plane. 'Finally home.' He thought to himself. Sure, Darius hadn't really considered it home in a while but it was nice to go back to his roots.

He walked around in his BDU (Battle Dress Uniform), desperately trying to find a bathroom. Darius grew tired of the "Thank you for your service." comments. He appreciated it, but having to hear it from the airport, to the plane, to the airport again. He just wanted it to stop at this point.

Darius spotted a little man avatar they use for restroom logos. He quickly walked in and dropped his bag. He opened it and started to change. Darius folded his BDU as best he could and stuffed it in his bag. Underneath his BDU he was already wearing a maroon shirt. After moving into a stall for the... under portion, he came out with some green cargo pants.

Darius walked out of the stall and instantly felt more free, physically and mentally. So free in fact that he started doing some squats and stretches. A woman standing next to the restroom started giving him weird looks. "Sup?" Darius nodded, the woman did not reciprocate the feeling.

Darius continued his walkabout in the airport, he didn't really need to be anywhere and he already had his only bag with him. Speaking of not needing to be anywhere, he thought about his living arrangements... well, lack thereof. You see, Darius is kind of, sort of homeless at the moment. Luckily, a lightbulb switched on in Darius' head. Well a TV turned on but it got the job done. The news was talking about those Maximoff twins and their team again. Darius heard about the Maximoff's a lot ever since they made the news. The boys back in deployment wouldn't shut up about them. 'The girl is so hot!', 'I love the speedster so much!', 'Have you seen his abs?' were the few quotes that popped into his head.

Darius figured that another member was working with them, even if it hadn't been confirmed yet. So Darius took out his phone and texted an old friend. His fingers typed, "Hey, long time no see. I'd love to catch up if you buy me lunch... and pick me up at the airport." With that he sent the text message to Sammy.

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