A Possible Find

When he was worn out and tired from negative results, he would stop by a local coffee shop and analyze his results over a $15 cup of coffee and a $10 pastry. True they were more costly than they were worth, but he could afford it and they kept him going. Since he could not work endlessly he would rent a hotel room and rest up before moving on to the next target spot. Occasionally he would get a visit from the police, some criminals or a nosy Nancy and he would try to act professional with them. Sadly he did have to use violence to educate the petty criminals now and then. Despite not finding a lot of good data, Jack still worked hard to search for clues. It irked him that many had given up on the search by that point and since he had time and could afford it he was going to keep on searching and pray for luck, despite not being big into religion.

Jack popped his neck as his scans found nothing again. He knew the odds were against him since the crime scenes were tampered with for many years. The only thing he would find are long lasting effects like radiation, environmental changes and weather phenomes. So once again he packed up his gear and drove to the next site on his long list of missing heroes. After many years of research he managed to compile a list of missing heroes that had a last known scene where they poofed from.

Of course there were many heroes that left no record when they poofed so they would be the last ones he would investigate when he gathered more intel on them. Sadly the whole process was slow as he had to travel from location to location one at a time and then run his scans while waiting many hours or days to process. It was a long and lonely mission for the most part, but he would occasionally check in with Sebastian, his butler or to the occasional local for info or food. Sometimes he would be reminded of his loneliness as he saw the couple pass him by to rub salt on that old wound. Poor Jack was bad with relationships after loosing his mother when he was five and his father at seven. So friends and a girlfriend was outside his social circle. Sadly the only one who was truly a part of his life was his butler who raised him in his father's place.

Jack drove a few hours to the next location and listened to some music on his phone via blue tooth connection to his black escalade SUV.

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His mind was on the road as he was on a long journey while on a long mission. He knew the odds were bad and each failure felt like a weight added to his chest, but he needed to know what happened. He had to many questions to ask his father and he had a lot of time on his hands so he was dedicated to see this mission through. Since he didn't have to worry about money or time or relationships he felt no pressure to stop his mission anytime soon. Once in a while some thugs would try to mug him only to find out he was not some easy mark. Jack had one heck of a reach advantage with his stretchy arms and rock hard fists.

The drive was long and boring so he would sing along with his music or munch on a few snacks and drinks along the way. Luck for him he had a high metabolism and didn't gain weight from his regular snacking. Eventually he arrived at the next location and found a decent place to park before checking out the area and comparing his notes to where he would need to scan. The process took an hour before he pulled out his first device to scan the area. He had several various scanning machines to use for data collection and knew he was going to be there for a while whether he found something or not. After scanning with a few devices he was shocked and not ready as he got a strong signal on a few devices. To make sure he got some good data he ran the scans for five minutes each and took multiple scans to compete from in case it was a fluke. He got excited for the first time as he actually found something.

Of course there was a possibility it was a coincidence so he kept his composure as he scanned over and over again to be sure he could do a proper comparison. Then he downloaded his data into the computer to process it for a few hours. So he looked on his gps for any hotels nearby he could stay at so he could collect more data if needed and research the area in case the data was connected to something else.


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