Hot Dog!

Niko bounced on his toes, stretching one arm across his body and then the other, an unnecessary gesture but he’d seen track runners warming up, and it looked awesome. Of course, their slow bodies carried them around the track at a glacial pace, but it was routine, and routines were good to have.

“You make sure and watch her back,” Niko warned, playfully giving Thorson’s arm a shove. The son of the demi-god was supposed to watch out for Gwen, and even though he knew the 15 year old could take care of herself and then some, he promised Mary Jane to look out for her. And MJ was scary as hell. Besides, it was a promise, like the one he made to his father about Theo, and he took shit like that to heart.

“Hey, HELEN,” he called as he pulled one leg up behind him. “Play me some Pitbull.” The ‘nation was alive and well in the Sokovian Speedster.

“Okay, playing Pitbull,” HELEN replied, and by the time the first note rang in his airpods, he was nearing the first hospital.

He found basically nothing, nothing more at any of the other hospitals, though he did get a phone number from a phlebotomist who looked cute in scrubs and wore her hair in one of those high ponytails that he liked to watch swing side to side. Megan was her name. He couldn’t see it being anything serious because there were too many ways to spell Megan, Meagan, Meghan, so any relationship would be doomed, because there was no way for him to know which, and she’d be pissed when he didn’t know how to spell her first name.

All of the coma kids had been brought to the same hospital, the same hospital the doctor, who Niko now felt compelled to punch in the throat for fucking with - literally at that - his cousin. But the guy was in a coma and experience told him no good comes if you punch an unconscious person in the throat. They won’t feel it, and it’s kind of a dick move which will not get you the number of anyone wearing a high ponytail that sways behind them when they walk.

He’d just stopped for his third hot dog, when Sam’s message came through.

“Got something.”

“Hot dog! “ Niko exclaimed, chuckling as he indeed did have a hot dog. He looked around to tell someone how clever he was -- Theo would have thought him clever - but the comment was wasted. Wolfing down the hot dog, he was back to base in a blink.

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