Introduction- Just Another Day of Foreign Affairs (T'Chantem)

T'Chantem sat silently in the backseat of a vibranium built car modeled off the most recent version of whatever some luxury vehicle company had debuted to the public that year. It wasn't his job to dictate what Wakanda mimicked when travelling outside of their borders, all he requested was that his mode of transportation be nothing too flashy, able to perform its purpose, and most importantly: black. Even though New York was one of the many places he liked when travelling, instead of watching the flurry of unique people outside of his windows and the exaggerated advertisements posted hundreds of feet into the air, his attention was strictly drawn to a smartphone that he used when travelling for international communication.

Stories of a silver blur zipping through the streets and running into subway trains littered across the news-feeds with headlines such as "Quicksilver Returns!" and "The Avengers Are Back?" Videos taken from several different angles had already been posted, retweeted, uploaded, shared, and commented about in numbers reaching the hundreds of thousands, despite the fact that the event technically only occurred several hours ago during the previous night. T'Chantem's thumb briskly played a game of tag with his phone screen, even though he had scanned and sent the video back to one of the head scientists in Wakanda via his kimoyo beaded bracelet for analyzing , he couldn't fight the temptation to continuously watch and pause the video to catch a glimpse of the gossip. The main attention of the event had been focused on the speedster launching himself around at what looked like supersonic speeds, but even so T'Chantem couldn't help but notice the second red and blue blur dragging behind him. Right before he was about to dismiss the object as something that had simply got caught in the aftermath, a hologram of his younger cousin emitted from one of the beads of his bracelet.

"T'Chantem, it took a bit of digging and speculation, but it's obvious that New York's overnight, viral silver stream is obviously a super-powered individual. At first I thought it was possibly Quicksilver too, but when slowing the frames and taking a closer look, he looks like some sort of doppelgänger. I ran a background and identity check in our database, and apparently Pietro Maximoff did have a son, Nikolai Krzysztof. According to some years-old school records, he attended a school in Berlin, New Hampshire before being pulled out a few years later. It looks like he also failed a few grades too," the individual informed. T'Chantem listened intently, his eyes still trained on the paused image on his phone before bookmarking the article and shoving it into his coat pocket.

"Nikolai Krzysztof?" the name sounded thickly foreign to his tongue, and if it wasn't for the fact that he was at least a bit adept at faking accents, he was pretty sure he wouldn't have been able to come close to the pronunciation of the second part.

"Yep, but check this out too," his cousin said, replacing their hologram with a video containing footage of a young woman clad in a scarlet jacket. The highlight of the footage was that the woman was apparently violently shoving a man several feet into the ground. "I ran a search on other stories and events being covered in New York, and this was uploaded on the same day of the entire Quicksilver event, not too long before it took over the news-feeds actually," his cousin continued.

"Oh really? This just got even more interesting," T'Chantem responded, his mind was already trying to draw any connections. New York was as diverse as it was filthy, but two mutants making the news in one day? Something was up.

"I'm not even done yet. I looked into some street footage before it was deleted, and our friend Baby Maximoff also made an appearance. They were also talking to someone, a ghostly figure dressed in red and blue? They're pretty pellucid, but the cover didn't last for long." With the last of his cousin's words, T'Chantem's mind clicked as he instantly connected the dots between the two videos. So there were probably three super-powered individuals now?

"Thank you, I think I might have actually figured something out," T'Chantem shared in Xhosa before ending the call. He silently sat back, his mind now sparked with new and exciting information. This trip to The Great Apple would possibly be a different one.

A few minutes later his car came to a stop outside of a high-end hotel, its floors stretching far above his eyes like many of the other surrounding skyscrapers. His door was immediately unlocked, and he straightened his jacket before stepping out. He was supposed to be in New York to deliver a speech on behalf of Wakanda with the tribe's other chosen representatives, but he couldn't shake the feeling that his time spent here would be a lot more eventful than any other.

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