4 Months and not a single Pym Particle to her name, The Melancholy of Emily Lang

"Dammit!" Emily shouted, slamming closed yet another empty cabinet, in yet another derelict building. So far she was only able to find vague notes referencing how to recreate the Pym Particles, but not only were the notes incomplete, they were weathered due to age, she copied down whatever she could, but it wasn't like she could recreate them herself, she was a student studying entomology not particle physics, plus she was still in high school, still it would be good to have the notes, if her father's journal was to be believed then the limited supply that was still around was finite, so she would run out eventually, hopefully she wouldn't run out when shrunk... assuming she found any at all. She also wasn't keen on letting the other 'New Avengers' know about her search, she already had bad blood with Theo over HER NAME, she was the Ant Queen, but apparently Theo would not suffer that name, so they didn't get along. She hadn't spent long getting to know the other members of the group, having only exchanged contact information with Gwen, the only girl on the team that didn't have an issue with Emily's chosen hero name (admittedly Emily, Theo, and Gwen were the ONLY girls on the team, so that didn't amount to much).

Regardless, Emily had been spending the past few months searching for Pym Particles, training her mastery over the ants, and generally being a hero, after all, she had to be at the Sanctum at least sometimes, granted most of her free time was spent inside old buildings like this one that had locks on them that required the use of her ants to enter, the Girls were numerous enough around the city that it wasn't difficult to get in. Granted roughly 10 doors were now no longer lockable. so there was less hero-ing going on and more Breaking and Entering, but it was heroic breaking and entering, plus no one was ever around to witness her. "Scratch another one off the damn list.... 4 months.... and I have NOTHING to show for it.... doesn't help that more than half of these locations are in California, on the other side of the country." Emily was talking to herself, even if she said she was talking to the ants, she really wasn't. "let's see... County General Hospital is next... well, here's to hoping... though why would Grandpa Hank and Dad leave Pym particles in a Hospital?"

Emily shrugged it off, pulling up her Hood and hefting her Backpack containing her super suit onto her back. She gathered up her Ants and left, letting the ants disperse once she was out of the building. slipping into the Morning foot traffic, Emily Stifled a yawn; maybe bing up all hours of the night for the past 2 days wasn't very good for her mental health, but she'd pulled all nighters before school tests before, she flunked a few of those tests, but all she really needed was a Trenta double espresso on her way to the hospital, she'd be fine until lunch, then maybe a power nap? but first she had to get to the Starbucks, and then the hospital. "focus on the task at hand Emily... you can snag a nap later..." she mumbled to herself. slapping her face gently to not pass out right then and there. she had a bit of a walk to reach both her destinations. so better get started walking then....

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